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Backing up the data that lives within your suit is critical for any organization that uses Microsoft Office 365. Despite Microsoft’s advanced security features, data loss is a common problem for users.

There are numerous causes of data loss, including external threats, accidental data deletion, and others. To avoid financial and reputational risks, your company must keep critical data secure. In this blog, we will look at why backing up Office 365 is important, what features to look for when looking for a backup solution, and our top recommended solutions.

What precisely is Microsoft Office 365 Backup?

Contrary to popular belief, Microsoft is not responsible for the security of the data you store in Microsoft Office 365. As a result, data can be easily lost due to malware encryption, malicious users, and natural disasters, resulting in the loss of your critical data. Because Microsoft is liable for any data loss that occurs during an outWhat is Microsoft Office 365 Backup? They recommend using a third-party service to backup your data as you get older.

Office 365 backup is a type of backup and recovery service designed specifically for Microsoft Office 365 data. This type of backup is purchased and stored separately from Microsoft, and it can restore your data quickly and granularly. Office 365 backup is typically accomplished via a number of applications such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange Online, and Microsoft Teams. If your company loses data for any reason, all data or specified files can be quickly and easily restored. This provides your organization with the tools it needs to ensure that your data is always available to you, no matter what happens.

Microsoft 365 Backup Options

There are several critical features to look for when selecting a backup and recovery provider for your Microsoft Office environment. Among these features are:

Backup Automation

If you have to manually back up your data, a backup system isn’t as useful. Automated backups take point-in-time snapshots of all supported Microsoft applications, such as OneDrive, to ensure that your data is safeguarded on a regular basis. Some backup solutions have a set number of snapshots per day, whereas others allow you to choose the number of snapshots per day as well as the time these snapshots can be taken. In general, the more snapshots that are taken, the better.

Recovery is quick and simple.

It is just as important to be able to easily recover your data as it is to have it backed up. Ensuring that your solution has a quick restore time from the most recent point-in-time snapshot can assist your organization in getting back up and running after a disruption. It is critical to ensure that your solution can either recover all of the data within the snapshot or deliver individual files and folders. Furthermore, it should be able to restore data with all files and folders in their original locations, leaving everything as it was before.

Compliance and security

If your company is required to adhere to compliance standards such as HIPAA or NIST, an Office 365 backup and recovery solution can assist you in meeting requirements such as long-term data retention. Choosing a backup solution that meets these compliance requirements is critical because it ensures that your backup is secure. Data encryption for data at rest or in transit can be an important factor in protecting the sensitive information contained within backup snapshots.

Simple Administration

Because your backup solution is running in the background, it’s a good idea to check on it as well as the health and status of your servers on a regular basis. Having the ability to view and manage your backup solution natively will give you visibility and the information you need to make network or server changes as problems arise.

Storage is limitless.

When backing up Microsoft data, make certain that it is completely and thoroughly backed up. As your organization grows and more data is collected, it is critical to ensure that you do not run out of storage, leaving you with incomplete backups or higher backup costs for the amount of data stored.

Microsoft 365 Backup Solutions at Their Finest

There are numerous Office 365 backup solutions available today, but here are our top four solution providers.

Microsoft 365 Barracuda Networks

Barracuda Networks, which has over 200,000 business customers, provides cloud-to-cloud backup for Office 365, including Exchange Online, OneDrive, and SharePoint online. This system allows you to define your own retention policies and manages the health of all backed-up servers, network traffic, and other factors. With near-continuous data protection that backs up mission-critical servers every 15 minutes and AES military-grade encryption, you can rest assured that your backups are up to date and secure. Barracuda cloud-to-cloud backup includes 24-hour tech support if something goes wrong or you need help setting retention policies.

Datto SaaS Security

Datto’s SaaS Protection for Microsoft 365 automates three full backups per day and can provide rapid restoration for both the entire data environment and on a granular level. Similarly to Barracuda’s solution, administrators can access backup status and audit logs from any location and at any time.

New user detection and automated archiving for former employees can help your organization manage lifecycles and save money on licensing. Furthermore, if your organization requires you to adhere to compliance standards, Datto encrypts data at rest and in transit, is SOC 2 Type II audited, and supports HIPAA compliance requirements.

Datto does not sell directly to end users, so Datalink Networks can assist you in determining whether this solution is appropriate for your organization. Contact us today to schedule a demo.

Arcserve’s Cloud Backup for Office 365 is a powerful cloud-based backup and recovery solution that also includes cybersecurity. This solution, which is integrated with award-winning endpoint protection, Sophos Intercept X advanced, improves the security of your offsite data by neutralizing malware, exploits, and ransomware. AWS encryption and role-based access control also contribute to increased security and compliance for your organization. The management interface is simple to use and has robust capabilities to provide a consumer-grade user experience.

Backup for Microsoft Office 365 by Veeam is the most customizable option. Veeam, like others, allows you to customize the timing and frequency of backups rather than having a set number of backups performed throughout the day. This could be useful if your organization manipulates data frequently and requires more up-to-date snapshots. One distinction with Veeam is that you can back up your data on-premises or in the cloud. Because this is not a SaaS offering, your company would have to purchase the cloud object storage separately through AWS S3, Azure Blob, IBM cloud, or other compatible clouds. Depending on your organization’s needs, this can be viewed as a pro or a con, but it is critical to factor in the additional cost of this storage into your backup and recovery plan.


Backing up your Microsoft Office 365 data is critical because Microsoft does not accept responsibility for any losses that occur as a result of their outages. Your organization has many options when it comes to backup solutions, but it is critical to ensure that the one you select has key features such as unlimited storage, security and compliance features, and easy management. Datto Backupify, Barracuda, Veeam, and Arcserve are among our top backup solutions.


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