Top best cell phone deals for February 2021

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This week’s edition of the best cell phone deals includes the brand new addition of the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 devices – with the prime promotions from both carriers and unlocked retailers. On top of that, we’ve also got plenty of iPhone goodness to check out as always, and, no matter which flavor of phone you’re after – you’ll find plenty of excellent cell phone deals to check out here. Simply scroll down to see our recommendations this week, or make use of these quick links to jump to the section that’s relevant to you.

Cell phone deals generally come in two forms. Firstly, as an outright discount on the upfront price, which is especially common on unlocked devices, and secondly as a bundle deal on a trade-in or new plan purchase at a carrier. That’s not to say there are other great options though, so if you’re planning on trading in your old phone for a new unlocked device, you’ll be able to get a great cell phone deal on those too. 

Now’s a great time to be looking as well. Even though we’ve passed the traditional end of year sales periods that tend to yield big price cuts, the latest releases from Samsung have really shaken up the cell phone deals landscape, giving plenty of great options for all kinds of devices right now.

We’ve rounded up our top picks just down below, but if you’re looking for something a little more specific, we’ve also got individual sections for carrier deals, unlocked phones, and prepaid phones. Simply scroll down or use the handy navigation links to jump to the section that’s relevant to you.

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The best cell phone deals in the US


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