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Top 5 best Hair Cutting Scissors in 2021 Reviews



Scissors are one of the most important tools for every barber. If you want to be a good barber, then you need to have the best cutting scissors. This list will help you find that perfect pair of scissors that you can use to cut hair with precision and efficiency.

The best hair cutting scissors in 2021 reviews are available today on our website. We have compiled the list using the opinions of many customers who have used them before.

1. Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series Barber Hair Cutting Scissors – Japanese Stainless Steel Salon Scissors – 6.5” Overall Length

Equinox International is the global leader in professional hair cutting tools. Equinox offers a wide range of professional hair cutting tools to the salon industry. Equinox’s barber scissors are made with Japanese stainless steel and utilize a fine adjustment tension screw for easy operation. Equinox’s professional hair cutting scissors are perfect for cutting, trimming, or styling for both men and women.

Equinox International’s professional razor edge series scissor is the only choice for the highest quality at a fair price. These scissors will deliver on both. Crafted from Japanese stainless steel with a fine adjustment tension screw and full tang, these scissors will last for years of reliable service.

2. CCbeauty Professional Hair Cutting Scissors Barber Thinning Texturizing Hairdressing Shears

CCbeauty Professional Hair Cutting Scissors Barber Thinning Texturizing Hairdressing Shears, Japanese Stainless Steel Haircut Kit 6 inch is a quality item for professionals and amateurs. This hair cutting tool is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is sturdy and won’t rust. The product has a sharp, ergonomic design with a comfortable grip to make it easy to use during hair cutting.

3. Gaia Royal Hair Cutting Scissors Set – Stainless Steel Haircut Shears Kit – Professional Cutting And Thinning Scissors 

The perfect pair of scissors for cutting your hair. This 13-Piece Stainless Steel Hair Cutting Scissors Kit includes 6 professional stainless steel shears, 3 large sized stainless steel blades, a travel spray bottle with a nozzle, and a protective case with adjustable straps. The perfect set for use in the salon or at home.

With the sleek design of these scissors, you’re sure to get unique and unique looks for your hair. They’re easy to use and can cut through your hair with ease.


4. 7.0 Inches Professional hair cutting thinning scissors set with razor (Violet)

The Smithking Professional Hair Cutting Scissors is the perfect tool for the professional barber, stylist, beauty store or salon. With these thinning scissors, your artistry can create different styles and textures in minutes. With a razor sharp precision set at 7.0 cutting levels and 92% metal alloy steel material, these professional thinning scissors can be used for a variety of hair types.

5. Cocos Stainless Steel Hair Cutting Scissors, Professional Barber Hairdressing Razor Edge Trimmer, Small Hair Scissor, Beard

Get a professional look with a touch of elegance with these stainless steel barber’s scissors. These beautiful, high-quality stainless steel scissors are durable and easy to clean at home without any hassle. A must have for all barbers, hairdressers, and those who love to keep their personal appearance neat.

A must-have for professional barbers, stylists, and people with neatly trimmed beards or hair. These stainless steel hair cutting scissors are perfect for trimming hair or beard, and the razor edge trimmer provides flexibility for different kinds of cuts.



One of the most important things that every woman needs is a good pair of hair cutting scissors. The beauty industry changes constantly, and new products are always finding their ways into the market. This Top 5 Best Hair Cutting Scissors in 2021 Reviews was created in order to help you find your perfect set of scissor for all occasions in both beauty and personal life!


The Ultimate Gaming Experience: A Review of the Xbox Wireless Controller



The Xbox Wireless Controller is the latest addition to Microsoft’s line of gaming peripherals. This controller is designed for use with the Xbox Series X/S and the Xbox One console, but it is also compatible with Windows 10 PCs, Android, and iOS devices. It is the successor to the Xbox One Wireless Controller, which has been praised for its ergonomic design, responsive buttons, and precise analog sticks. In this article, we will review the Xbox Wireless Controller and see if it lives up to its predecessor’s reputation.

A Review of the Xbox Wireless Controller

Today’s best Xbox Wireless Controller deal

Price: $65.77

Design and Build Quality:

The Xbox Wireless Controller has a similar design to the Xbox One Wireless Controller, with some minor improvements. The controller’s body has a matte finish that feels comfortable to hold, and the triggers and bumpers are textured for better grip. The directional pad has been redesigned to be more precise, and the thumbsticks have a shorter travel distance for improved accuracy. The controller also features a USB-C port for charging and a share button for quickly capturing and sharing screenshots and gameplay clips.

One of the significant improvements over the previous model is the inclusion of a hybrid D-pad. It features a circular design that can be rotated to switch between a traditional four-way D-pad and a faceted eight-way D-pad. This feature is a game-changer for fighting game enthusiasts and other games that rely heavily on directional inputs.

Connectivity and Battery Life:

The Xbox Wireless Controller features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing it to connect to Windows 10 PCs, Android, and iOS devices. It also supports the proprietary Xbox Wireless protocol, which provides a low-latency wireless connection with the Xbox Series X/S and the Xbox One console.

The controller comes with a rechargeable battery that Microsoft claims can last up to 40 hours on a single charge. In our testing, we found that the battery life was impressive, and we rarely had to charge it. When it does need charging, it takes around 4 hours to fully charge the battery.



The Xbox Wireless Controller’s performance is exceptional, with fast and responsive inputs that make playing games a breeze. The controller’s buttons are tactile and satisfying to press, and the triggers and bumpers provide excellent feedback. The analog sticks are precise and have a good amount of resistance, making it easy to control the in-game characters.

We tested the controller on a variety of games, including first-person shooters, racing games, and platformers. In all cases, the controller performed admirably, and we didn’t experience any lag or input delay. The hybrid D-pad was particularly useful in fighting games, where it allowed us to execute moves with greater precision.


Overall, the Xbox Wireless Controller is an excellent gaming peripheral that is well worth the investment. It offers a range of improvements over the Xbox One Wireless Controller, including a redesigned D-pad, shorter thumbstick travel, and improved connectivity. The controller’s performance is top-notch, with fast and responsive inputs that make gaming a joy. If you’re in the market for a new controller, the Xbox Wireless Controller is a fantastic choice.

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Unleashing the Ultimate Viewing Experience with the Samsung 65-Inch Class OLED 4K S95B Series Smart TV



Samsung has always been known for producing exceptional quality electronic devices, and their latest release, the 65-Inch Class OLED 4K S95B Series Smart TV, is no exception. This TV is designed to provide users with the ultimate viewing experience by combining cutting-edge technology with innovative features that create a cinema-like atmosphere in your living room.

SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class OLED 4K S95B Series Quantum HDR, Dolby Atmos, Object Tracking Sound, Laser Slim Design, Smart TV with Alexa Built-In (QN65S95BAFXZA, 2022 Model)

Today’s best Samsung 65-Inch Class OLED 4K S95B Series Smart TV deal

Price: $1,797.99

The S95B Series TV boasts a stunning 65-inch OLED display, which provides the deepest blacks, vivid colors, and incredible contrast levels. This technology ensures that you will never miss a detail, regardless of the scene you are watching. Additionally, this TV is equipped with Quantum HDR technology, which further enhances the picture quality by producing brighter whites and darker blacks.

Furthermore, the S95B Series TV is also equipped with Dolby Atmos technology, which creates an immersive audio experience that will make you feel like you are sitting in a movie theater. This technology allows the sound to be projected in all directions, creating a three-dimensional effect that will transport you directly into the action.

The Object Tracking Sound feature is another impressive aspect of the S95B Series TV. This technology is designed to track the movement of objects on the screen, so the sound follows the action. It means that you’ll experience every sound effect with pinpoint accuracy, creating an authentic and realistic feel.

In terms of design, the S95B Series TV features a Laser Slim design that gives it an elegant and sleek look. The slim profile allows the TV to fit seamlessly into any space, whether it’s mounted on a wall or placed on a stand. Additionally, the TV comes with Alexa built-in, which allows you to control it with voice commands.


The S95B Series TV is a smart TV, meaning that it is equipped with a range of features that make it easy to use and interact with. It comes with a built-in Wi-Fi connection, allowing you to stream your favorite shows and movies directly from your device. It also comes with a range of pre-installed apps, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube, ensuring that you’ll always have something to watch.

In conclusion, the Samsung 65-Inch Class OLED 4K S95B Series Smart TV is a game-changer in the world of home entertainment. Its combination of advanced features and innovative technology creates an immersive viewing experience that will leave you breathless. The TV’s sleek and modern design ensures it will fit seamlessly into any space, and with Alexa built-in, it’s effortless to use. If you are looking for the ultimate viewing experience, look no further than the Samsung 65-Inch Class OLED 4K S95B Series Smart TV.

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Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Deals of Today: Free Devices, Trade-Ins, and Cheap Plans



The Samsung Galaxy S23 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year, and for good reason. With its cutting-edge features, impressive camera system, and sleek design, the S23 is a must-have for any tech-savvy individual. But with a price tag that can easily reach over $1,000, getting your hands on the latest Galaxy S model may seem out of reach. However, with the following deals, you can score a great bargain on the Samsung Galaxy S23.

Samsung Galaxy S23

Today’s best Samsung Galaxy S23 deal

Price: $857.99

Free Devices:

If you’re in the market for a new phone, consider taking advantage of carrier promotions that offer free devices with the purchase of a new plan or contract. For instance, T-Mobile is currently offering a promotion where you can receive a free Samsung Galaxy S23 with the trade-in of an eligible device and a new line activation. This deal is only available for a limited time, so act fast if you want to take advantage of this offer.


If you have an older smartphone that you’re no longer using, trading it in can help you save money on the Galaxy S23. Many carriers and retailers, including Verizon, AT&T, and Best Buy, are offering trade-in deals that can take hundreds of dollars off the cost of a new phone. For example, Verizon is offering up to $1,000 in credit toward a new Galaxy S23 with the trade-in of an eligible device.

Cheap Plans:

In addition to discounts on the device itself, many carriers are offering cheap plans that can help you save even more money. For example, T-Mobile is offering a plan that includes unlimited talk, text, and data for just $50 per month. This plan also includes 5G access, so you can take full advantage of the Galaxy S23’s high-speed connectivity.

Bundle Deals:

If you’re looking to purchase more than just a new phone, bundle deals can help you save money on accessories and other tech products. For instance, Samsung is currently offering a bundle deal that includes a free pair of Galaxy Buds2 and a wireless charger with the purchase of a Galaxy S23. This deal is available directly through Samsung’s website and can save you up to $200 on the cost of these accessories.


In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy S23 is a high-end smartphone that comes with a hefty price tag. However, by taking advantage of the above deals and promotions, you can save a significant amount of money on this impressive device. Whether you’re looking for a free device, a trade-in deal, a cheap plan, or a bundle deal, there are plenty of ways to get your hands on the latest Samsung Galaxy S model without breaking the bank.

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