Top 5 Best Speed Skates in 2021 Reviews

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Whether you are a newbie to skating or a pro at it who still wants to hone your speed skating skill, the quest for the perfect speed skate just never ends. That said, are you here looking for the ideal speed skate best suited for your needs as well. You have landed on the right page because, here, in this article, we have selected the top 5 best speed skates to review for our beloved readers. Let’s see what we’ve got down here.


5. Chicago Skates Bullet Ladies

The first best speed skate in the list belongs to Chicago Skates. By maintaining the simplicity of the design, it’s absolutely ideal for anyone. On the strategic point, the design is also made for freedom of movement by using low cut boot and high-quality lace. Moreover, it is super stable as each boot are featured with wide 62mm urethane wheels and fixed axels, so you can also maintain the stability and dependability when accelerating with high speed.

Besides, you will always find yourself super comfortable using it as there is an easy lace closer system in order for you to adjust it to fit perfectly.

4. Roller Derby

Standing as top 9 in the list, here we have Roller Derby. This speed skate shoe design is made with power trap and lace closure in order to secure and ease the movement as you play. Its main focus is also on the weight of the booth. So faster the speed and carrier comfort, the boots are made with super lightweight.

Moreover, for the durability of the speed skate, Roller Derby uses 54mm Urethane wheels as it’s super popular for such shoes. In terms of accelerator bearing, these pairs of speed skates could go up to 608Z.


3. Chicago Skates’ Woman

Another speed skates from Chicago again wins one of the best problems again. For this Chicago Skates’ product, it’s special for being featured with the hip top profile rink type of boots that is known for its capability to support the ankle; especially when it comes to movement. Moreover, it has the double modifiable aluminum base plate so you can easily control it when wearing ones.  These pairs are perfect to use both indoor and outdoor.

With these, you need not have to worry about falling down because they are made with the durable vinyl material that is super stable. Especially if you are looking for such a safe speed skate for your kids, this model is definitely the one.

2. Chicago Skates’ Man

Surprisingly, this is yet another best speed skate won by Chicago. Unlike the previous two, this model is designed specifically for man. Being a popular brand for the rink and social skating for many years already, this model is one of the company’s best sale. The pairs are featured with a controlled high top and a premium undissolved lace in order to ensure safety when gliding.

The lace can be tied to tighten your ankle, so you feel more comfortable as you wear. Similarly, the urethane wheels used with the boots also allow the skating to be so much more comfortable, smooth and stable.

1. Rollerblade

If you are into a modern designed speed skate, this model of Rollerblade is guaranteed the one you will fall for as it’s so fashionable and stylish. Aside from it is designed, it’s also super ideal for the beginner or those who want a high-quality pair of speed skates but don’t want to tear their pockets. Despite its reasonable pricing, this pair is made for comfort and durable use.

It uses the high cuff in order to support the ankle while its closure system is added in order to elevate the mood of entry level skate. Besides, using the monocoque frame with the shell down to gravity, it helps balance the movement, so every beginner can have a safe start.


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