Top 5 Best Gas Hedge Trimmers in 2021 Reviews

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A few years back, I used to overlook reviews that talked about the best gas hedge trimmers. I mean, with so many products in the market wasn’t it much easier to just go for the cheapest products? And if I needed clarification, couldn’t I just speak to the salesperson at the store? These approaches did save me time and effort when it came to purchasing a product. However, I was soon backing in the market looking for another trimmer. Why? Because the one I bought wasn’t powerful enough, was too noisy and the neighbors and the “Missus” were complaining, or it was just heavy. After three unsuccessful attempts of buying a good gas-powered trimmer, I became more careful and knew what to look for in a product. Usually, I normally believed that the item I had bought was the best only for it to late me down later. Based on personal experience and reliable sources, I can confirm that the following are the top gas hedge trimmers in the market.

5. Poulan Pro PP2822 28cc Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer

Manicuring your hedge is easy with this gas-powered trimmer from Poulan. It boasts of a powerful motor that works together with the sturdy blades to eliminate unwanted twigs and branches. The accessory is relatively lightweight and well-balanced for improved handling and better control. It features a quick starting system that only requires minimal effort even in a very cold environment. To keep up with the environmental concerns, it emits minimal noise and carbon emissions.

4. Husqvarna 122HD60 Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer 9665324-02

I first neither took notice of this hedge trimmer after seeing the stop switch automatically go back to the start position. This meant that starting it the next time was easy. And True to what many people say, it is among if not the easiest to start has hedge trimmers. All you need is a little pull and the machine will jump back into life. It is well-balanced and comes with a sturdy frame for maximum support.

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3. Tanaka TCH22EBP2 2-Cycle Gas Hedge Trimmer, 21cc

With this hedge trimmer from Tanaka, you are assured of a well-manicured hedge. Although it’s among the smallest units on this review, the power it delivers is quite impressive. the robust motor plus the dual-sided blades will saw even the toughest of branches with ease. The commercial blade measures 24 inches and is fit for use in most locations both small and large. The 2-cycle gasoline engine is also known for its good fuel consumption as well as easy starting, especially in cold weather. It can run nonstop for a long period and it never overheats. And to prevent burning the hedges, the exhaust faces forward.

2. Maxtra 42.7CC 1.5HP, 1100W Gas Pole Trimmer Chainsaw Pruner

This is the most powerful trimmer on our review and among the sturdiest in the market. It’s designed for small, medium, and large tasks and works like a charm. The trimmer features a powerful 42.7cc 2-stroke gas engine that delivers lots of power to trim any hedge. It comes with a sturdy frame for the best support while the advanced damping system minimizes the vibration and shocks that are produced. It also comprises of an adjustable length to suit different needs. Besides trimming, it also doubles as a chainsaw or pruner.

1. Homelite 26cc Gas Powered Curved Shaft Trimmer

Able to cut in a width of 17 inches, this gas-powered hedge trimmer by Homelike is what will make your hedge look amazing. The small accessory features a small but powerful gas engine. It is connected to sturdy blades that easily saw through the shrubs thanks to the tough material of construction and a sharp cutting edge. Similar to other top products, it starts easily and doesn’t generate smoke or produce too much noise. This makes it a good option in many areas including quite neighborhoods.


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