Top 5 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers in 2020 Reviews

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Music is part of our daily life. Therefore whether relaxing, driving or riding a bike, there is a need to listen to your favourite beat. With the era of wireless technology, Bluetooth motorcycle speakers are great accessories to add. These speakers are tasked with delivering high-quality music while eliminating the need to have a wired connection. Therefore, with your smartphone. It becomes easy to enjoy the audio while the phone is in your pocket.

Some of the speakers are equipped with more than Bluetooth connection. This means you can use flash drives or SD cards to enjoy music. For the best performing speaker, it is necessary to check on the Bluetooth version as well as range. On the other hand, compatibility with different devices is good since it won’t be restricted to phones and tablets. To give your bike appealing audio output, check our collected top 5 best Bluetooth motorcycle speakers in 2020.

5. LEXIN LX-S3 Weatherproof Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers with FM Radio & External Antenna

If you are looking to enjoy music when on a ride, Lexin LX-S2 speakers are the absolute choices. They are powerful speakers that deliver the sound you have been yearning for. With bullets shape, the speakers are streamlined which eliminates resistance and increases the beauty. These speakers are 3 inches stereo and have inbuilt Bluetooth. Unlike other bike speakers, these have FM radio, antenna, 50-watt inbuilt amplifier, and USB.

Metallic housing with waterproof design helps to protect your speakers. Apart from the premium construction, the speakers are finished with chrome accent which increases your bike appearance. Boasting Bluetooth 4.0, the devices enjoys a strong connection without constant disconnections. Capable of withstanding over 80 mph, they are good for bikes, bicycles, and boats.

4. Kuryakyn 2720 MTX Road 300W Thunder Weather Resistant Motorcycle Sound Bar

With a motorcycle speaker, it is possible to get ideal audio than using a smartphone. That is why this Kuryakyn 2720 MTX 300 watts motorcycle handlebar speaker is a perfect option for every bike owner. It’s a high-quality device with many features that make audio output amazing. Unlike other speakers, this comes with amplifier 1.0 as well as USB charging port.

For high-quality sound, the amplifier features 4 channels, while dual range voice coils ensure crispy audio. 1 silk dome tweeter equipped with N42 magnet delivers distortion-free sound. With versatile connectivity, the device can work with Bluetooth or 3.5mm audio jack. Rated IP-66 it withstands all weather conditions without any issue.

3. Rockville RockNRide 3″ Bluetooth Metal Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers

Make your ride enjoyable by adding the best motorcycle stereo system. The Rockville RockNRide motorcycle speakers are perfected to create the top quality audio. With peak handling power of 300W, they are a superb way to enjoy unmatched sound without distortion. Apart from premium speakers, they are accompanied by a high powered amplifier that delivers good and strong sound. Thus, even when riding, you hear music, not engine noise.

The inbuilt Bluetooth is powerful and connects to devices up to 33 feet. Amazingly, the USB 2.0 allows you to play music from 32 GB thumb drives. Wired remote is convenient to control music playback without risking losing the device. Integrated FM radio means you never miss favorite radio program. Above all, the RCA and 3.5mm aux jack enable multiple connection options.

2. Golden Hawk Motorcycle Speaker with Mounting Clamp

Don’t let your ride be boring, you can enjoy great music by adding handlebar speakers. These Golden Hawk speakers with mounting clamps are simple to install to any bike. The mounting clamp is created with varying sizes to enjoy seamless installation. The premium quality construction ensures you never experience problems even when riding in rugged roads.

Created with Bluetooth connection, the speakers are easy to connect to your phone. On the other hand, FM radio is great to enjoy different programs when not playing music. Boasting 90 degrees orientation, the project sound perfectly when rising. However, these speakers don’t allow adjustment hence no variation in the sound projection.

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1. BOSS Audio Phantom900 Weatherproof Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker System

Boss Audio Phantom900 is the best Bluetooth motorcycle speakers that riders can find. It’s a system created by experts to offer beauty as well as unmatched sound quality. The amazing thing with these speakers is they have inbuilt Bluetooth connection. Whether you want to enjoy music from different apps like Spotify and Pandora, you can connect phones to these speakers wirelessly.

The inbuilt 2 channel amplifier is strong and helps to raise low-quality sound to exceptional audio. With amp offering 600 watts to each speaker, you can expect superb music. Outstandingly, the speakers are built with a weatherproof design which renders them ideal for all conditions use. Apart from Bluetooth, the system has 3.5mm aux jack.


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