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The best penny boards are easy to be confused with a skateboard. However, depending on their size, style and board, there are different kinds of skateboards. Two of them are penny boards and mini cruiser boards. Even though both are essentially small but they are not exactly identical. Skateboards have come a long way from being just a board on four wheels to well defined stylized boards designed for stunts and tricks like ollies and flips.

In order to get the most suitable product, you have to look into every aspect of the product and know it inside out. We will provide you with a helpful guide about buying both cruiser boards and mini cruiser skateboards. Read on to find the product of your dreams – you won’t be disappointed!

1. Burgundy Retro Penny Skateboard

Penny monopatin Skate Skateboard Cruiser Classic 22'' Burgundy

This product takes the original classic penny board to the next level through its cutting edge design and perfect ride. If you are particular about details then this is the skateboard for you as the board is color coordinated from deck till the cushions and bearings. At 22 inches, this board weighs only 3.9 pounds so you can imagine how light it must be to carry in your arm. But you will not want to carry it when you can enjoy the smooth ride thanks to its soft wheels.

2. Cal 7 Complete 22-Inch Mini Cruiser Board

Cal 7 Complete Mini Cruiser Plastic Skateboard

This mini-cruiser board is only 22 inches in length. But that makes it lightweight and very easy to maneuver. It arrives fully assembled, so it’s ready to go right out of the box. You can choose from a huge range of colors, allowing you to find a color scheme that suits your personality, whether that’s pink wheels and a turquoise board or transparent wheels and a black board.

The wheels are 60mm in size and they feature ABEC7 bearings. Despite its small size, this mini-cruiser offers top-quality performance which belies the affordable price that it is available for.

3. Standard Penny Skateboard

This is yet another great skateboard from Mini cruiser Skateboards with penny trucks and wheels. This 27 inches skateboard is perfect for beginners as it is way more stable than a 22inch board complete. So if you are someone looking to give skateboarding a try, this would be the skateboard you need. No matter what age, it is strong enough to withstand adult weight. It is safe to say that it is a speed board as it can easily go a long distance pretty fast enough. Offered in three color combinations, you can choose to customize it with grip tapes.

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4. Penny Complete Skateboard

Penny Cruiser Complete Skateboard

Buff, slater and spike are the color or style names for the complete penny skateboard that is definitely a winner in terms of style. It gives a good handle just like any other cruiser board complete thanks to its classic waffle deck. The slater is very expensive as compared with the other two color combinations and other penny boards on this list. However, all of them live up to the cruiser brand name and deliver quality. Although 22 inches in size, it can be used by a beginner especially if it is a kid using the penny skateboard.

5. Penny Nickel Pantones Mini Cruiser

Penny Skateboards- Nickel Board 27" Plastic Cruiser, Black/Gold

Color combinations and styles seem to be an important consideration among skateboarders but then there are some of us who just prefer solid black in almost everything. This black penny nickel graphic cruiser is exactly for such individuals who prefer simplicity and minimalism. Containing quality 4 inches penny trucks and Abec 7 bearings and 59mm wheels, this skateboard comes ready and complete for you to ride. Since penny boards are better for riding, this can make a great choice for cruising around campus or your neighborhood streets. Anyone from beginners to pro can ride this amazing penny nickel graphic cruiser.


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