Top 5 Best Shipping Label Printers in 2020 Reviews

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When it comes to printing tickets, tags, as well as labels, a great shipping label printer, is essential. An ideal one should meet your daily demand. Other than that, it should not cost you much to either operate or maintain. However, finding such printers is not an easy task. You should not worry because there is a solution. Below is a list of the top 5 best shipping label printers in 2020. Read on!


List of Top Best Shipping Label Printers Review

5. Dymo Label Writer 4XL Thermal Label Printer

DYMO 1755120 LabelWriter 4XL Thermal Label Printer

This shipping label printer has a unique design which is stylish and fashionable. It is multipurpose and may be put to use in offices, schools, homes, warehouses, and others. This product is entirely compatible with many shipping carriers and online platforms. It uses different label styles depending on its purpose at the time. The DYMO technology is capable of using different graphics and barcodes.

4. Brother QL-1100 Wide Format Postage and Barcode Professional Thermal Label Printer

Brother QL-1100 Wide Format, Postage and Barcode Professional Thermal Label Printer, Black

It is a high-quality shipping label printer which creates paper labels which are cost-effective. They create labels for file folders, postage, shipping, envelopes, packages and others. It is fast at its work and prints a total of 69 Labels in every minute. Operation technology is super simple and effective. Its design is high tech for an excellent performance, and the inbuilt cutter allows single printing and multiple label printing.

3. Brother QL-700 High-speed professional Label Printer

Brother QL-700 High-speed, Professional Label Printer

It is a stylish easy to use shipping label printer. It is high speed hence saves time during operation. The product is high quality and makes up to 93 labels in a single minute. Inbuilt auto cutter allows careful multiple printing using the clean edge. Setting up the product is fast and easy to ease its workability. The P-touch editor technology allows printing of advanced labels.

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2. Rollo Label Printer- Commercial Grade Direct Thermal High-Speed Printer

MFLABEL Printer - Commercial Grade Direct Thermal High Speed Printer - Compatible with Etsy, Ebay, Amazon - Barcode Printer - 4x6 Printer

It is a cuboid-shaped shipping label printer working at high speed. The label printing is easy to use, reliable and affordable. When using this product, ink and cartridges are unnecessary. It has a patented design which prints the most crucial printers. Having this product ready for use takes approximately 5 minutes. It is compatible with much Thermal shipping labels and the couriers.

1. Brother P-touch pt-D210 Label Maker

Brother P-touch, PTD210, Easy-to-Use Label Maker, One-Touch Keys, Multiple Font Styles, 27 User-Friendly Templates, White

It is a calculator-shaped label maker which easily prints high-quality labels. It may be of help in different places such as homes and offices. The product uses the modern one-touch keys that ease the accessibility of symbols, frames, fonts, and templates. It has a display which shows exactly how your label will turn out. Lightweight for easy transportation from one place to another.


With the list of the top 5 best shipping label printers above, high quality is a guarantee. We considered all the essential features while compiling it. They included connectivity, resolution as well as daily print volume. Therefore, any of them can help in simplifying your shipping label printing job.


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