Top 5 Best Combination Locks in 2020 Reviews

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The value and importance of combination locks are being appreciated now more than ever. You will come across this simple device in school lockers, gym lockers, on suitcases, briefcases, bike chains and many other places. While it may appear like a basic padlock, it offers more reliability, convenience, and security. For instance, you don’t need a key to unlock it. You can always change the numbers system in case you think your security has been compromised. Additionally, there are modern types that also employ Bluetooth functionality.

Finding a lock is simple and straightforward. Simply walk into a retail store or order it online. But, there are high chances that the chosen item won’t work as desirable. To make it simpler to find the tight item, we reviewed the top 5 best Combination locks in 2020.

List of Top 5 Best Combination Locks in 2020 Reviews

5. Master Lock 646T Set-Your-Own Combination Luggage Lock

Master Lock 646T Set-Your-Own Combination Luggage Lock

The 646T combination Lock by Master Lock is very common in schools, gyms, offices, garages and many other places. It’s a fairly small unit that measures about 1 1 / 16 inches. It’s well built from durable die-cast and comes with a hardened steel shackle for improved security and performance. The lock features easy to set numbers and letters to suit your preference.

This lock is prized for its robustness, clever design, size, and simplicity. However, it falls short regarding weight (a bit heavy) and is also bulky.

4. Master Lock 1500T Combination-Alike Locks, 2-Pack

Master Lock 1500T Combination-Alike Locks, 2-Pack

The master lock 1500T combination lock comes in a 2-pack and assorted colors. It features a stainless steel body measuring 1 7 / 8 inches wide. The lock offers the different user combinations that can easily be selected. Like other types from the manufacturer, this lock also features a hardened shackle and is also suitable for school, gym, office, home, luggage and much more.

Its major advantages are its simple to use, easy to set the combination, and are rustproof. It, however, comes with disadvantages which are; it’s a bit small, too basic, and isn’t very effective for high-security applications.

3. Master Lock 178D Set-Your-Own-Combination Padlock  

Master Lock 178D Set-Your-Own-Combination Padlock

When it comes to combination locks, Master Lock is undoubtedly one of the popular brands. One of their well-known editions is the 178D combination lock. It’s made of die-cast aluminum that is not only light and strong but also resistant to rust or corrosion. The lock measures 2 inches/ 51mm wide and can be used in small areas as well. It comes with a simple and easy to configure numbers systems and one combination change key.

People buy this product because of its solid construction, reliability, easy to use, and suitability for both indoors and outdoor uses. Others are a bit hesitant to buy it because it doesn’t seem fit for heavy-duty applications, is a bit light, and it takes a bit of time to understand how to set the numbers.

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2. Desired Tools Padlock – 4 Digit Combination Lock

The Desired Tools padlock features a 4 digit combination and offers as many as 10,000 unique settings. This makes it harder to guess or crack the code. It’s made from all-weather steel that protects it from the elements and ensuring it serves you for a long time. It’s suitable for many situations including hasps, employee lockers, school, gym, storages, and outdoor fences.

According to reviews, users love the nice design, easy to read numbers and good security thanks to the unique setting. Some consumers say it’s a bit light, the dials aren’t very large, and is also small.

1. Master Lock 653D Set-Your-Own-Combination 2-inch Padlock

Master Lock 653D Set-Your-Own-Combination 2-inch Padlock

This combination Lock by Master Lock comes in a 1-pack and is available in an assortment of colors. It’s useful in the office, home, school, gym, garage, and many other situations. The lock is made of strong metal and features a hardened nickel-plated shackle. This makes it tolerant to bangs, knocks, falls, and the elements as well. It measures 5cm / 2inches and will fit in small places whereas the 4 number combination allows you pick your desired locking and unlocking code.

The pros are; changing the combinations is simple and easy, works great, and looks cool. The drawbacks are it’s not a high-security lock, is fairly thin, and isn’t designed for outdoor use.


There you have it- the 5 best combination locks in the current market. A closer look indicates that they combine functionality, reliability, and longevity. This is achieved through the use of quality materials, solid construction, tamperproof numbers system, and flawless design. The locks are also easy to setup, programming them is easy and straightforward, and are unlikely to jam even when exposed to extreme weather such as freezing, dusty, or wet weather.

Relying on these reviews on the top 5 best combination locks in 2020 will not only keep your items safe and secure but also give you peace-of-mind.

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