Top 5 Best Lap Desks in 2020 Reviews

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One of the biggest challenges of using laptops is their stability and comfort. Since they are designed to be placed on the laps, they will suffer from constant movements. Also, they tend to get hot, and this may not be very comfortable to the user. To improve their effectiveness and comfort, may people invest in lap desks. This review on the top 5 best lap desks sheds more light on picking the right desk.

5. Laptop Lap Desk, Portable Tray With Foam Cushion

With tray dimensions of 19 x 15 x 2.5 inches, this lap desk by Laptop Buddy is fit for laptops and associated devices including tablets, phones, and sketchpads. It’s made from strong and water-resistant material and is padded with soft fleece for better comfort. Due to its lightness, the desk can easily be carried around while the integrated LED gooseneck light makes it fit for reading and writing.

4. Sofia + Sam All Purpose Lapdesk | Laptop Lap Desk | Travel | Student

Designed to support 17-inch or smaller laptops, this multipurpose desk is also ideal for reading, writing, working from the bed and traveling. It comes with decent working space of 19.3 x 16.2 x 4.1 inches and is ergonomically designed for optimum convenience and comfort. The unit also features an integrated wrist rest.

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3. Winsome Wood Alden Lap Desk, Flip Top with Drawer, Foldable Legs

This wood desk is targeted at laptop, netbook and notebook owners. It comes with an adjustable top that allows the user to choose the best setting. The stylish unit features antique walnut finish and easy-to-fold legs for better storage. Also included are a storage drawer and flip top. Other than for laptop use, it also serves as a workstation for reading, writing, and other chores.

2. LapGear XL Laptop LapDesk, Black (45492) 

Supporting laptops up to 17 inches is what the LapGear XL seeks to do. The ergonomically-designed piece comes with a dual-bolster pillow for better support and comfort whereas the Airflow channel helps in dissipating heat. It comes with mouse pads for both right and left-handed users. Also featured are integrated wrist rest and side storage pouches.

1. Cooler Master C-HS02-KA Laptop Lap Desk with Pillow Cushion

This desk will not only support your laptop, netbook, notebooks and Ultrabooks but also serves as a chilling pad. It’s designed for unit’s measuring up to 17 inches and is made from a strong material that quickly dissipates the heat. To keep you comfortable during use, it is well-padded with heavy-duty cushion. Also included is a grooved section for storing miscellaneous items like pans.


Working via your laptop doesn’t have to be inconveniencing. You don’t need to keep changing your sitting position to find the best angle. Also, you don’t have to invest in a product that worsens the situation because of being too heavy, rigid or bulky. We examined and verified the top 5 best lap desks that we believe will make the experience better. The accessories are light, compact, portable, and user-friendly. They also offer good support, comfort and versatility courtesy of their good construction and quality material. And did you know they are available on Amazon and all you need is to click on the associated link?


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