Top 5 Best Portable Projectors in 2020 Reviews

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Do you find yourself making regular presentations that require a projector or the need to watch movies everywhere you go? What you need to buy is a portable projector to use with you every single time you have a presentation or want to watch a movie. Purchasing the best portable projector can mean the difference in the quality of your movies/series/presentations. Projectors make presentations more engaging, professional and interactive. However, the bulkiness of packing a projector on every single place you go is always a challenge for most people. This is why it makes sense to choose portable ones that are easy to carry and store in your backpack.

To help you choose the best portable projector to buy, we have compiled a list of top projectors that we think will suit your needs. These are projectors with full-business features and ones that you can quickly pack and take with you everywhere you go. They boast stunning image quality and reasonable price range to offer you the best value for your money. Make sure you go through our best projector reviews before buying one.

5. Projector, DBPOWER X5 +60 Percent Brightness Mini Portable Video Projector

This is another portable projector with 1800 lumens to deliver sharper and brighter images with a projection distance of 1-5.2m. It is a high-quality projector with a new LED source and a 3D function to play the game, watch movies and view photos. There is a fan for noise suppression and a new improved built-in speaker. This is a durable projector with an adopted LED lamp that runs for an amazing 50, 000 hours. You can enjoy flexible screen experience with a keystone different of 15 degrees minis/plus. The projector is compatible with a wide range of devices and features multiple inputs. You can use the same lamp four hours a day for 32 years without replacing it. Overall, this is a quality portable projector that I recommend.

4. Auking Mini Projector 2200 Lumens Portable Video Projector

This is a 20 percent times brighter projector ideal for use at home or office presentations. It is clearer and offers you cinema quality viewing at home. You get a large screen of 36-176 inches that easily adjust to your preferred viewing and needs. The projector features a new cooling design that helps reduce the noise of the fan while providing you with long lamp hours of 55000 hours. It is a versatile projector compatible with the X-Box, SD-Card, Blue-ray DVD, USB Flash Drive, tablets, laptops, smartphones, iPads, Media Players and a lot more. You also get a two-year satisfaction warranty and a professional customer service.

3. POYANK 2000Lumens Portable Mini Projector

This is another versatile projector that works great for both indoor and outdoor use. It features 2000 lumens brightness delivering you sharper and clearer images and videos. This is a family choice projector for playing games, watching movies, music and much more. It easily connects to your PC, laptop, TB box, Blue Ray DVD, Amplifier and smartphones using the HDMI port. This is a full LED projector and great choice with high resolutions of 800 by 480 native and 1920 by 1080 high support resolution. The projection size 32-170 inches while the projection distance ranges from 1.2-5m. Overall, this is a quality portable projector with a long lamp life of 5000 hours.

2. Projector, Myriann Portable Mini Multimedia Home Video LCD Projector

This is a lightweight mini projector with advanced technology to provide sharper and clearer images in the dark. It features a projector size of 50-130 inches with high native resolutions of 800 by 480p. The operation of this projector is quite simple making it an ideal choice for home entertainment. Its compact size makes it suitable for use anywhere you go. It is also a versatile choice that connects to a multiple of devices at home. This means you can easily use the projector anywhere with your phone, laptop, tablet and much more. The high luminous LED lighting does not consume a lot of energy with the ECO lamps saving energy up to 70 times more. Overall, this is a low noise fan and high cooling efficiency projector to use anywhere.

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6. GP100 Video Projector, 3500 Lumens LCD

This is a high-resolution portable projector with up to 60 percent brighter than normal projectors. You can be sure of getting a good view for your presentations or lighting your home for big screen movie watching. The projector gives an amazing image size of 35-180 inches with an excellent 3.9-12.8 feet projection distance. It features a high-source LED light source to provide you with an incredible four hours a day of great watching experience. That is an incredible 20 years of fun with this projector. There are also built-in stereo speakers and amplifier for better performance and high sound quality. Multi-inputs of the projector gives you various reasons to have great fun by connecting with your phone, tablet, laptop and DVD player.


Take your presentation experience a notch higher by getting the best portable projectors on the market today. These are the best portable projectors for use at home, office or outdoors with a wide range of features. Make sure you buy from our list to get good value for your money. You will never make a wrong choice buying from our carefully selected list of portable projectors.


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