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You just never get to pick the first cage that you see on the market. If you care about your pet, there is always a process to follow before picking the right cage.

It is the reason today we look at the best sugar glider cages on the market. If you have a sugar glider as a pet, then you need to go through this guide to learn more.

We hope you end up with the best model in the market right now.

5. Mcage 3-Level Animal Cage

he overall aesthetics of the cage help a lot with the overall looks. It might have a simple design, but you will find it being highly functional. Well, the cage itself is large enough to accommodate your pet and give it enough play room.

This cage also comes with a 3-level chew free wire. Being chew free makes it last for longer even if you have a pet that loves to chew through different things. The model is still paw safe so that your pet feels comfortable in the cage.

It is still possible to make adjustments to the grate floor if you want. This includes raising or lowering it depending on your needs. Also, the presence of easy carry handles on overall help with moving the cage around.

The model is easily foldable so that you can take it with you to different places. Still, it is easy to setup once you reach your destination.

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4. Yescom Double Deck Cage

Just by looking at it, you will feel there has been a lot of work and thought went into making it. On overall, we find the model being highly durable thanks to the metal construction. To make it even better, it does feature proper powder coating. This ensures there is no rusting with this model.

As for mobility, we find that the model is good on overall. This is because it comes with four durable rolling casters. Once you have rolled the cage into the desired position, you can then lock the wheels into place.

You still get multiple ladders, perches, and a bench in the interior. This should provide enough playroom for your pet.

Still, with the 4 feeding bowls, your pet should find food all over the cage with ease. The 2 side doors help with accessing the cage with so much ease.

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3. Prevue Pet Products Sugar Glider Cage

Working with the best cages always makes the life of your pet better. That is what you get on overall when it comes to owning this model. It is seen as a safe space for your pet, not just a sugar glider, but also other small animals.

Thanks to having exceptional engineering, you will end up with a model that is paw friendly. This means that there are no gaps or pinch points that might affect your pet’s paws.

Still, the cage is lightweight while at the same time rust resistant. These two combined can assure the user of ending up with a high quality cage always. Also, the metal construction is a nice way of knowing it is a heavy duty product.

The cage still comes with five shelves, ramps, and a soft plush hammock. These are all important amenities your pet needs. On overall, it is also easy to clean.

2. Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage

This is another high quality model you can buy right now. The overall design makes it good for your pet considering the amount of space it gets. It should feel like being in its natural habitat where the amount of space is huge.

Setting up should not be hard considering that you just have to put the shelves in their slots. You can adjust the various levels of shelves to accommodate the needs of your pet. There is also a large pan at the bottom to help with storage if necessary.

The access doors are large enough too. This helps a lot with the overall cleaning and access to the cage. You can reach inside the cage to get the pet out with ease as compared to some other models.

Also, the cage is seen as good for birds too. This can help you easily showcase your bird collection.

1. Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

This is one of the best sugar glider cages on the market. The reason is that it comes with multiple important features. As a result, it is able to provide the best home for your pet.

First of all, we see that it comes with adjustable shelves. This should help you customize the configuration of the cage. Still, the caster wheels on the model should help with moving it from one position to another with ease.

Having the full-width double doors helps a lot with the overall access to the cage. This should allow for ease of cleaning out the cage and feeding your pet.

The model is spacious enough to accommodate your pet. It is then able to provide more space that it needs since a sugar glider can be quite active.

The cage is still good for other small animal pets you might have.


When it comes to having the best sugar glider cage, it should be able to deliver on good space for your pet. Luckily, all the models we have reviewed above are good and should be able to give you all the performance you want. Also, they have the necessary accessories a sugar glider will definitely love. By now, you should have an idea of what you are supposed to do so as to provide the best home for your sugar glider pet.


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