Top 5 Best Dog Crates in 2020 Reviews

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Whether you’re house training your dog, or you want to take your pooch with you during your travels, the 5 best dog crates in 2019 reviews that you’re about to read will help you choose the right product to purchase. We’ve compiled this list of the finest crates available in the market, which can give you the best bang for your buck.

When it comes to quality crates, you want to make sure that the material used is highly durable and sturdy. This is very important since you don’t want to worry about the crate being chewed on by your pet, which makes it a less reliable space for your four-legged pal. Moreover, it helps to have a secure latch on the door for maximum security. If you’re planning on going overseas with your dog, you should think about the crate’s dimensions. It must meet airline requirements, so you won’t encounter any issue when traveling with your pet by plane.


5. Indoor or Outdoor Travel and Portable Pet Home with Collapsible Features

Do you have a large breed dog that needs a cozy home to relax whether you’re at home or traveling? If so, then this product may be ideal for your beloved dog’s needs. The crate is sturdy without adding excess heft to it, plus it folds easily for your convenience. With mesh designs, there’s good ventilation with this crate. It’s also designed for traveling with your dog, particularly when you just want to make sure your pet is safe and comfortable.

Everything about the material works well. However, if there’s no chemical smell in this crate, unlike what we’ve experienced with it. Otherwise, we’d recommend this crate for your animal’s use because of the item’s durability, cozy vibe, and sturdiness.

4. Carlson Extra Large Metal Dog Crate (With Compact and Secure Features)

We know what you want – a safe and relaxing place for your pet to use during housebreaking. Fortunately, this crate for dogs offers a combination of these qualities a few more. There’s a single door that comes with a double-bolt locking capabilities, which keeps your pet inside. It’s impossible for your pet to ruin this crate unless it has a serious obsession with chewing. Ideal for larger breeds, you’ll love this crate for your dog whom you want to feel at ease while inside it.

Even if it comes with a large size and easy assembly features, very active dogs may ruin this crate once they start chewing away. This can be a hassle since the crate would no longer serve its purpose no matter how hard you try to fix the materials of the crate.

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3. New 48-Inch Extra Large Folding Dog Crate with Divider and Plastic Tray

Don’t worry about the assembly and storage of this crate, because both ways, it got you covered! This crate comes fully assembled, and you only have to fold it down easily once you need to keep it in the trunk of your car or the closet. With a tough coated pan, electro-coat finish, this crate doesn’t take long to clean. What’s more, there are two doors that make it convenient for you to let your pet out whether on the side of the crate of the front.

We appreciate the large size of this crate, which is superb for big and heavy dogs. However, we’re not too convinced about the capabilities of the wires because of the thin gauge. We’re afraid these will just get chewed on by anxious dogs who have issues with being placed in a crate.

2. Casual Home 24-Inch 600-44 Dog Crate End Table

Made of a stunning and sturdy material such as the hevea wood, this dog crate is durable and good-looking. This type of wood is a sustainable alternative to the usual forest wood, so you’re also doing the environment a favor by choosing this material. Small dogs can fit perfectly inside, and this should give them more time to relax and enjoy their privacy.

Don’t consider putting your hyper and chewing-obsessed pet inside this crate as it runs the risk of getting damaged over time. Since it’s made of wood, once your dog chews on it, there’s an issue with splinter that can be a problem with your pooch.

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1. EliteField Folding Crate for Dogs with Three Doors (Indoor and Outdoor Use)

A soft and foldable crate for your pet, this has ample space that would be perfect for larger breeds. You don’t need to think about putting everything together since this item arrives fully assembled. If you want to take it with you during your travels, simply fold it down without any tools involved. With a strong steel tube for the frame and ample ventilation, your pet will fall in love with this crate in no time. It even has a washable and removable cover for easy cleanup. Lastly, there’s a carrying bag included for your travels.

Be sure to check the dimensions of the crate first to make sure it will fit your pet. If you want to travel with your dog, you should also find out more about the crate’s size. If you fail to do so, you may not be able to bring the crate if it barely fits into your vehicle.


The 5 best dog crates in 2019 reviews you’ve just read should give you a great start in selecting the perfect item for your pet. Be sure to check the sizing and details to provide your four-legged friend a secure, spacious, and comfortable space to be in.


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