Top 5 Best Deep Cycle Batteries In 2020

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Deep cycle batteries store power in the form of chemical energy. Their design and specs support up to 75% discharge rates without damaging the plates. They are built to withstand repeated discharge and recharge throughout their float service lifespan.

Deep cycle batteries are often used to power systems and electronic equipment that require heavy current bursts during their operation. As such, they can be used to crank your car engine and other related applications. While in use, only a fraction of their total energy capacity is consumed.

There are many types of deep cycle batteries, each suitably designed to power particular electronic systems. Some of the types of deep cycle batteries include Gel, Lithium-ion, flooded and Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries. The choice of a particular battery depends on durability, battery performance, amperage, among other factors.

This review has rounded up some of the best deep cycle batteries with proven durability and performance. Check them out and also remember to compare their product features so as to get the very best.


5. VMAXTANKS VMax V35-857 12v 23Ah AGM Marine Deep Cycle High-performance Battery

The VMax V35-857 AGM Battery Marine deep cycle battery is expertly designed for high current electronic systems. The Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) plates sandwiched between VMax lead-tin alloy plates ensure maximum energy storage. It is tightly sealed and leak proof. The Vmax V35-857 battery can be mounted in any position or direction without losing vital electrolyte capacity.

Because of the tightly sealed plastic case and has a tough plastic outer casing, Vmax V35-857 battery is classified as “non-spillable”. The electrolyte is not adulterated with harmful chemicals like silica gel hence classified as “non-hazardous”. It is also resistant to shocks and vibrations.

This battery comes with a long float service lifespan of up to 10 years and a unique ability to recover its full capacity and potential even after repeated deep discharge. It is clearly a no-brainer to the conventional wet lead-acid batteries. Its VMax heavy duty lead-tin alloy grids improve the overall performance of this battery by up to three-fold that of an equivalent lead-acid battery. Because it is maintenance free, you won’t have to worry about any form of maintenance checks. No electrolyte top up or even specific gravity checks.


4. WindyNation 100Ah 12V AGM deep cycle battery

This deep cycle battery is designed with heavy duty plates perfectly suited for repeated discharge and recharge throughout its float service life. WindyNation AGM battery is leak proof and rated at 100Ah, an ideal source of off-grid power. It is used to power solar systems, UPS, offshore marine systems, RV’s, among other applications.

With a float service lifespan of up to 12 years and 99.99% pure virgin leads, this deep cycle battery has superior energy capacity and also supports very low discharge rates.

Its Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) plates are protected in the sealed and non-spillable design. It’s compactly designed and measures 13” x 6.8” x 8.7”. With a net weight of 66lbs, this battery can be mounted on portable electronic devices. It has a 1-year warranty for free repairs and full replacements of faulty accessories.

3. Battle Born 100Ah LiFePO4 12V deep cycle battery

The LiFePO4 deep cycle battery weighs only 29lbs and packs power the equivalent of a 140lbs lead acid battery. Battle Born 100Ah LiFePO4 deep cycle battery is assembled in Reno Nevada and features very cool specs. With an output rating of 100Ah, Battle Born is clearly superior to your ordinary lead-acid battery. For systems that require power surges during the application, this battery is capable of up to 30 seconds of 200Ah. The surge current output increases with the amount of load.

Its 5000+ deep discharge and recharge cycles ensure optimum reliability. For recharging, the voltage is rated at 14.6V. Its 8-year warranty coverage guarantees free repairs and full replacements of faulty batteries. There’s an additional 2 year prorated warranty coverage.

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2. Universal UB121000-45978 12V 100Ah Deep cycle battery

Universal UB121000 – 45978 12V 100Ah deep cycle battery comes with SLA/AGM high-performance plates for optimum performance. It is also maintenance free and hence won’t require electrolyte top up, specific gravity check, or any other form of maintenance checks. Because it is leak proof, this deep cycle battery can be installed in any position or direction without losing its electrolyte capacity or even compromising its performance.

It is often used to power electronic equipment and institutions that run strictly on non-spillable batteries. Its tough outer casing makes it resistant to shock and vibrations in addition to protecting its plates.

UPG deep cycle battery has inbuilt Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) plates which have high electrolyte absorption capacity for enhanced performance. These special plates support repeated discharge and recharge cycles.

In case of damages and related malfunctions, this battery has a 1-year warranty coverage for free repairs and full replacements.

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1. MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center

MinnKota Trolling motor power center’s design & construction makes it ideal for use in powering small boats with no battery compartments. A set of external battery terminals makes it much easier to connect charger leads and trolling motor leads without having to open the package box.

The MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center comes with an integrated battery meter for easy monitoring of battery charge status. For current surge control, 2 manual reset circuit breakers come in handy. One rated at 15A for the accessory plug and a 60A for the trolling motor.


That’s the end of our review of the best deep cycle batteries. Our list constitutes select batteries with exceptional features and superior performance. To get the very best, be sure to compare and contrast their features. Also, remember to follow the Amazon product links provided for details on price and extras.


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