Top 5 Best Lightweight Wheelchairs in 2020

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Although wheelchairs aren’t the most convenient means of movement, yet they become unavoidable. When faced with the unfortunate situation where you have to use a wheelchair, you need to ensure that it’s convenient and easy to use.

There are many types of wheelchairs; however, it is advised to choose a lightweight one as they are convenience and portable for users. Nowadays, a combination of lightweight, compact, and foldable features makes a wheelchair even better. In this review article, we have compiled the top 5 best lightweight wheelchairs in 2019, which ensure that they will enhance more mobility and portability.

5. NOVA Medical Products, Lightweight Transport Chair with Locking Hand Brakes

This lightweight wheelchair offers comfort, convenience, and portability. The product folds to a compact and small size, so carrying it around is easy. What’s more, the chair comes with an excellent wheel lock feature, which makes it safe and secure. The user can easily stop or start moving without hassle. Also, the design delivers perfect maneuverability on all terrains. The product also features a unique tire design, which makes it ideal for all terrains. With the patent locking design and rugged wheels, control is enhanced. You determine the speed and other aspects easily and conveniently. Additionally, the chair also boasts a unique and adjustable seat belt for added safety.

You also get a compact storage pouch for convenient storage of your keys or phones. Another thing, the product is equipped with flip-up armrests. The armrests can be taken off for convenience or cleaning and The footrest can also be removed or adjusted in height.

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4. Top End, Pro-2 Court Wheelchair

When addressing the high-quality lightweight wheelchairs, Top End has to appear. This is a high-end wheelchair which is perfect for aspiring players. Also, this product features a lightweight design which offers better maneuverability and easy carrying. Storage is also breezy thanks to the foldable construction.

Whether you want to participate in tennis, basketball, or any other wheelchair sports, this is an ideal product to pick. The adjustable seat depth also adds to its incredible features. The seat depth adjusts so that one remains stable and intact when moving around. Also, this lightweight wheelchair boasts a beautiful and stylish neon-green finish making it quite attractive.

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3. Drive Medical, Cruiser III Light Weight Wheelchair

Drive Medical lightweight wheelchair boasts a plethora or armrest styles for added comfort and convenience. It also features excellent front riggings to ensure that that you have the best experience. And, this is an ultimate product for the elderly and patients. It comes with a unique carbon frame which offers added durability, making it long-lasting. Furthermore, this carbon steel frame removes the need for seat guides and also offers the option for custom fitting of accessories and inserts. Also, this wheelchair comes in a silver vein finish, which makes it stylish and attractive.

With the top-grade precision-sealed bearings, for the front and rear wheels, you are assured of incredible maneuverability. Another thing, this product features top-grade caster wheels which offer smoother and better rides on all surfaces. The dual-axle feature also adds to the unique features. And, the wheelchair also boasts a flip-back design for the arms, making it easy to carry around. The removable arms make it more convenient as well.

2. Medline, Lightweight Transport Adult Folding Wheelchair with Handbrakes

On the top is the Medline lightweight wheelchair. Although all the other brands boast excellent features, this one proved worth the first slot. First, the product is fitted with massive 12-inch rear wheels which offer added stability and better performance. The loop-style ultra-grade handbrakes provide better maneuverability and added performance. Also, there’s a unique locking mechanism which provides safety for the users and better control.

The 300-pound maximum weight capacity makes it better and ideal for most users since they fall within that range. Also, the durable aluminum frame makes this product sturdy and extremely durable. And, it even comes pre-assembled, so there won’t be the need for further assembling. The footrest can also be adjusted, like lifted or lowered, for added comfort and convenience.

1. Karman Healthcare, Ergonomic Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair

This is a lightweight wheelchair boasting a unique design and excellent features. First, this product features an ultra-lightweight construction of just 19.8 pounds. This is a convenient weight, which makes it perfect and easy to carry around. Carrying and storing the product is breezy. Also, the unique anti-bacterial upholstery makes this product ideal for extended uses. The large 20″ x 1 3/8″ ultra-grade rear wheels make it more stable.

It’s also safe for use since the anti-bacterial upholstery keeps it safe and healthy. Another thing, this product features a removable footrest. You can even adjust the footrests for your comfort and convenience. Lastly, the product features unique patented wheels which offer stability and maneuverability.

Final Thoughts!

Wheelchairs are a fantastic way to attain mobility for patients, elderly or disabled persons. However, lightweight wheelchairs offer better performances. They enhance portability and convenience. With most of them featuring a foldable design, transportation and storage are breezy. The options listed highlighted above will deliver comfort, portability, more accessible transportation, and safety.


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