Top 5 Best PS4 Controller Chargers In 2020 Reviews

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There is nothing more infuriating than the sudden drain of the PS4 controller’s battery while in the climax of the game. In all honesty, when the controller’s battery gets drained, there is a likelihood of game time interruption. With a dependable controller charger, you can quickly charge your unit fully. Interestingly, the invention of the ps4 controller charger has taken the PS4 charging technique to another level thus advancing PS gaming experience. It is even much interesting if you possess DualShock 4 controllers and PS4 gaming console because you will get your devices charged quickly and effectively.

As such, professional PS gamers always ensure that their PS4 controllers have a full charge before they start the game. However, the beginners tend to get confused when it comes to selecting the ideal station among the collection of them. To help you pick the right PS4 controller charger, here is a list of them to choose the best based on your preference.

1. PS4 Controller Charger from BEBONCOOL

The Beboncool PS4 Controller Charging Station is ideal for all PS4 Console controller. It’s able to provide secure storage and fast charge to your two PS4 controllers simultaneously thus saving on time. Also, it features LED charging indicators.

When the PS4 controller is fully charged, the LED indicators shows a green light, and during charging, the indicator appears red. About its power source, this PS4 Controller charger through a USB cable can source power from the PS4 console, PC, wall power source or other devices. Having the built-in protector chip, the controllers don’t overcharge even after overnight charging. It’s also very compact hence saving on space.

2. PowerA DualShock 4 PS4 Charging Station

Nobody likes getting interrupted during gaming sessions. Especially by discharged controller batteries. Get yourself covered by the PowerA PS4 DualShock Charging Station. This PS4 Controller charger provides room for two DualShock controllers. It is built with a simple snap down design whereby you just set the PS4 Controller on any side and click down to initiate charging. The PS4 Controller glows orange to show its charging status. However, if the PS4 Controller is charging, the blue hue will be retained and monitoring the charge status through the PS4 dashboard will be the best option. Eventually after full charging, the glowing will stop. Charging will only take approximately 1.3 hours. After this, click down again to release the PS4 controller and continue with your gaming experience.

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3. PS4 Controller Charger from Y Team

This Y Team PS4 Controller Charger Station has a sleek and compact nature. It ideally provides secure storage to your controllers when idle as well as fast charging. Constructed with two built-in USB adapter ports, it provides room to charge two PS4 Controllers simultaneously. When charging one Controller, this station needs 2.5 hours and 4 hours when charging two controllers.

When connecting the controller to the USB cable, its LED Indicators turn blue. After plugging in the controller to power, the indicator turns red until full charge where the LED indicator turns blue again. This Charging station also features an excellent chip design to protect your controllers from overcharging. If you feel dissatisfied with this PS4 controller charger, Y team offers a one-year warranty policy.

4. UGREEN 2 PS4 Controller Charger

This UGREEN PS4 Dual Charging Station provides secure storage and fast charging to your two PS4 Controllers concurrently. However, controllers with cases don’t fit. With the use of incorporated 5V/2A power adapter, the UGREEN PS4 Controller charger only requires 2.5 hours to charge your 2 PS4 Controllers fully. Also, this PS4 controller charger features LED indicators which when connected to a power source turn red. After inserting the controllers into the station, the indicators turn green throughout the charging process.

When the controllers are fully charged, the indicator turns back to red. Only measuring 9.6” by 2.7” by 1.7”, it dramatically saves your room space. More importantly, it has an anti-slip rubber pad at the bottom, therefore, preventing the stand from sliding and scratches.

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5. DOBE FOMIS ELECTRONICS PS4 Controller Charger

Without connecting your Controllers to the PS4 system, the DOBE PS4 Controller Charger allows you to charge and securely store up to two controllers. This PS4 Controller Charger can source its power from the console, wall power source or even to your PC. Admittedly, it assures a constant current making it possible to operate the system using the controller while charging. This DOBE PS4 controller charger requires 2.5 hours to fully charge one controller while two controllers charging concurrently will require 3 hours.

As an added advantage, it has LED light indicators which turn red when charging and green when the controllers are fully charged.  Working alongside the built-in protector chip, this PS4 controller charger ensures long product life of your controllers.


To review, the PS4 controller charger described above are worth purchasing especially if you are in pursuit of charging stations for the ps4 controller. These chargers are durable, lightweight, with multiple charging ports, easy-to-use, and budget-friendly. Don’t hesitate to acquire any PS4 Controller Charger above and start enjoying different charging experience.


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