Top 5 Best Xbox One Steering Wheels In 2020 Reviews

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If you are a fan of playing Xbox One game, you will know how it feels to play using the normal controllers. Normal controllers react a bit slow, making it hard to control and adjust some features when playing. But, with an advanced Xbox One steering Wheel, you can engage in any racing game because the wheel provides you with realistic racing experience.

To simplify your work when shopping for a racing wheel, we have prepared you the top 5 Best Xbox One steering wheels that will improve your racing skills and enable you to enjoy anytime you play Xbox One game.


1. HORI Racing Wheel Overdrive for Xbox One

This steering wheel comes with a sturdy mounting bracket that holds the steering firmly. It has adjustable input sensitivity where you can adjust the pedal sensitivity for quick acceleration. Besides, the steering wheel mounts securely to your or racing wheel stand with steel parts and strong clamps.

It has a high turning ratio where you can change from 270-degrees to 180-degree turn ratio and fine tune other settings like pedal sensitivity, dead zone, and many more. The wheel has a non-slip rubber grip that provides you with a comfortable even when your hands are wet. Furthermore, it is a full sized racing wheel designed for authentic racing simulation.

2. Thrustmaster Ferrari Racing Wheel Box for Xbox One

The racing wheel has an adjustable racing sensitivity and an automatic racing feature to give you better control and precision. It has a 240-degrees rotation angle, and 4 presets that enhance precise driving. Has a pedal set with a wide footrest where you can adjust the positions of the pedals to different heights for more comfort?

Furthermore, the wheelbase features a patented Bungee cord mechanism that delivers linear resistance for ultimate comfort and precise control. It has 2 textured rubber grips that provide you with a comfortable grip when using the 28 cm racing wheel. This comprehensive equipment is suited for different racing situations.

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3. Thrustmaster TMX racing wheel for Xbox

With this racing wheel, you can experience every racing sensation like a bump, impacts, loss of tire grip, and braking. It has a rotation angle that is adjustable from 270 to 900-degrees to all you race in all vehicles. The wheel is recognized by the Xbox one and compatible with all Xbox one racing games that can support racing wheels.

The wheel is reinforced with a thick rubber coating that provides you with ultimate racing comfort. Besides, it feels like a rear wheel where it is 28cm and made with an ergonomic design to adapt all driving games. All the controls are within reach where you can access the social function, navigate through the console’s menu, switch between the game and system, etc.

It has an optimized pedal set that enables you to brake and accelerate as if you would in a car. Also, you can adjust the pedals up to 3 different positions to give you enough comfort.

4. Logitech Racing Wheel for Xbox One

This racing wheel is built to last where it has ball bearings, stainless pedals, and leather-coated wheel to give you a comfortable grip. It has easy game controls that are within your reach to give you a cool racing experience. Has a powerful double motor that stimulates force effects to enable you to respond with precision.

Furthermore, it has a sensitive brake and pedals that enable you to change gears, brake, and accelerate as if you are driving a real car. The racing wheel is suited for the newest racing games that require precise control.

5. PinPle Dual-motor Racing Wheel

PinPle racing wheel is a great mind relaxer that is compatible with multiple game platforms. The steering wheel provides you with a 270-degrees rotation with many features that make it a unique game controller. Besides, it has a dual-vibration motor that generates different vibration effects according to the state of the game to give you a realistic racing experience.

It features high simulation pedals that are designed for sole texture, better friction to prevent slipping where this helps to restore your driving experience. If you are looking for a racing wheel that comes at an affordable price, you can rely on this.


Racing games are widely known because they help to keep you entertained and relax your mind. With a quality racing wheel, you can make your playing time more realistic because they are designed with features that make you feel like driving a real car. To get your best racing wheel, the guide above has the best reviews on Xbox One steering wheels that are practical and enjoyable to use.


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