Top 5 Best Bath Pillows in 2020 Reviews

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Taking a nice long hot bath is even better when you have a comfortable pillow to rest your head. With one of the top 5 best bath pillows in 2019 in your house, you never run out of a comfortable spot when you need to take a bath.

These pillows are easy to attach to your bath tub and before you know it you will be nodding off because of the comfort. The good thing about some of them on this list is that they can be cleaned in your washing machine.

If you are not sure which bath tub pillows made out top 15 best list, then continue to read our review. We identify the ones we think are the top of the line and should be in your home. Go with the best to make sure you can take a bath in complete comfort.


1. Watson Shop Non-Slip Bath Pillow

This owl shaped bath pillow provides you with a lot of headroom. You can lie on its 18 by 18 inch surface and not feel the tub. Plus, the mesh design allows both water and air to flow freely through. This keeps the pillow clean, fresh, and bacteria resistant.

Then 5 suction cups secure it to your bath tub, hot tub, jacuzzi and more. It should stay in place even if you have to warm up the water or change some settings. Also, it comes with its own laundry bag so you can throw it in the washer without worry. A travel bag is included with your purchase in case you want to take it on the road with you.

2. Idle Hippo bath Pillow

Once you lay your head on this 4 inch thick bathroom pillow, your head may think it has reached home. The approx 14 by 14 inch dimensions makes sure you get silky soft thick foam padding every time you lay your head on it.

Plus, 6 suction cups work hard to keep it in the place you put it. No more interrupting your relaxing bath to reattach the bath pillow. Its versatile use allows you to take the pillow out of the bath tub and use it a hot tub or other relaxing body soaking appliances.

The overall mesh exterior cuts down on mold,.mildew and other germ related issues from getting a foothold on your pillow. Of course, it is machine washable.

3. IndulgeMe Full Body Bath Pillow & Mat

Besides giving your head a soft place to rest, you can give your back a comfortable spot as well. The 50 inch combination pillow and may relieve stress on your back and tailbone. Plus, it gives you a nice place to fall asleep.

When you are ready to get clean, you can use the included bath sponge to wipe away the day’s dirt and grime. Also, the mesh design helps make sure the pillow and mat stay bacteria free. Water and air flow right through and keeps the mat nice and dry.

To keep the mat and pillow in one place, 11 suction cups grab onto your tub and do not let go. You should be able to have your bath worry free.

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4. Coastacloud Luxury Non-Slip Bath Pillow

Gone are the days that were filled with plastic bath pillows that provide little or no comfort. This 17 by 17 inch bath pillow provides your head and neck with the comfort they were looking for all day.

The 3 inch foam cushion uses mesh exteriors to help keep it dry and bacteria resistant. Your head gets a healthy and comfortable place to lean against. After you pull it out of its box, you use the 6 suction cups to attach it to your bath tub.

Removing it is not difficult and the suction cups can attach to your hot tub or jacuzzi with ease. The contoured shape cradles your head, neck and hopefully shoulders.

5. Coastacloud Non-Slip Bath Pillow

Your dog may mistake it for one of its bones but you know that it is a large bath pillow that is comfortable and easy to use. Only 2 large suction cups hold this pillow to your bathtub. But that may be all you need as you sit back and relax to some great music.

The mesh exterior makes it super easy to clean and dry this pillow after a number of uses. This system makes sure that bacteria doe snot get inside and ruin it for you. Plus, its light weight allows you to take it anywhere you go. You do not have to be without its services when you travel. The pillow measures 11 by 7 by 3 inches.


A hot bath is supposed to help relax you., But it really can’t do its job when your head, neck, and shoulders are still tense. Use one of the top 5 best bath pillows in 2019 to make sure you get the full benefit of your next hot bath. Your body will thank you for it


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