Top 5 Best Living Room Chairs in 2019

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Many interior experts will tell you that your living room is your reception. And this is true, considering its one of the most likely places to have a cup of tea or a light conversation with your guests. Well, that said, your living room should be up to date with classy, modern furniture. This does not mean you are supposed to spend up to the last coin in order to bring the aforementioned contemporary furniture.

Instead, all you should do is to visit a number of reviews to help you know what to go for and what to avoid. But we know how frustrating and difficult this can be, so we provide you with the following top 10 best living room chairs in 2019. Products here are thoroughly researched and assessed for optimum satisfaction.

1. Flash Furniture Ghost Chair with Arms-Best Living Room Chairs

Let your living room has a beautiful and artistic statement. Well, all you need to go for is the Flash Furniture Ghost Chair with Arms. Designed to lighten up any room, this chair will offer a grand statement and brings in a unique feel. Furthermore, its transparent design enables it to take up less space visually. The chair will perfectly blend with any modern indoor setting. It is also built with lightweight yet durable materials to ensure years of use and unrivaled comfort.

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2. GDF Studio Elizabeth Tufted Recliner Arm Chair

Make a statement in your living room with the GDF Studio Elizabeth Tufted Recliner Arm Chair. It has a unique shape, and its height commands attention. You will hear your friends and neighbors asking you where you got it from. Furthermore, the chair boasts armrests and cushioned seat that allow for ultimate comfort. It is ideal for entertainment or relaxing while you are in the living room. Plus it will offer an intelligent design touch to your home.


3. GDF Studio Joseph Mid Century Arm Chair

If you are in the market looking for a top quality living room chair, look no other product but the GDF Studio Joseph Mid Century Arm Chair. It brings together a classic French-style with a bold that will undoubtedly make it a great addition to your contemporary décor. It is also well-padded on the back and seat for ultimate comfort. Let this comfortable and beautiful chair be a staple of your living room.

4. Kensington Hill Beaumont Push-Thru 3-Way Recliner

Do you want to experience endless comfort in your living room? Then look no further than the Kensington Hill Beaumont Push-Thru 3-Way Recliner. This amazing piece of furniture features double sinuous “kicker spring” for added seat support and to avoid “roll-out”. It also features tension adjusters that allow you to personalize how effortlessly the mechanism opens and closes. Also, there is a wood frame construction which helps promote durability as well as aesthetic looks.

5. Clarice Deal Furniture Dark Teal Accent Chair

The Clarice Deal Furniture Dark Teal Accent Chair features tufting and curved sides that show attention to detail and design. It also features a continued tufting on the seat that demonstrates attention to comfort. Given its design, this accent chair will be a perfect fit for a fireside evening. Furthermore, it does not sacrifice performance for the price, as it remains one of the most affordable chairs on the market.


Make a bold, artistic statement in your living room with these top quality living room chairs. They are wonderful and their contemporary designs will without a doubt blend with your interior décor. Whether you want to relax by the fireside or take a cup of tea, these living room chairs should be a frontier for you. So, go through the review and choose one that best suits your needs.


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