Top 5 Best Hair Curling Wands in 2019 Review

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Well-kept and tended hair look appealing. In fact, the hairstyle can significantly affect how a woman appears. There are many ways of keeping your hair looking awesome. Also, there are accessories and appliances tasked to keep the hair looking impressive. Among these accessories, hair curling wands are typical among many women. They are simple looking equipment but performs wonderfully to curl your hair. Also known as curling irons, they use heat to transform your hair into a curled and attractive style.

Regardless of your hair type, a curling iron will helps you enjoy great makeup. They are designed to enable everyone enjoys excellent hair treatment with less hassle. This is possible through the construction of wands featuring different styles and shapes which allows the application to any hair. In fact, they facilitate easy to use even for long and short-haired people. However, for excellent results, the user needs to check the right device depending on the size of their hair.

Another essential feature that you need to check is the shape of hair wand. They are necessary since they determine the type of curls to be made. Depending on your preferred hair curling style, different irons will deliver varying styles. We have several shapes like cone, straight and interchangeable wands depending on your preferred design other features that are important are the comfort, barrel material, and the safety features. It’s no doubt every woman needs her hair looking superb. That is why we have a list of top 10 best hair curling wands in 2019 to ensure smooth a selection.


1. Bed Head Curlipops Curling Wand

The Curlipops Hair Curling Wand stays true to its promise of helping you create a variety of hairstyles. The curling wand is equipped with Tourmaline Ceramic Technology to create frizz-free styles with massive shine. With a high heat of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, this hair curling wand was truly made for bold personalities that crave a mix of loose curls and massive waves. It has a clamp-free wrap-and-go design to create styles without kinks. The unit’s dual voltage makes it perfect for worldwide use. The wand has a 6ft tangle-free swivel cord. There is a free heat-protective glove included in the package.

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2. Bed Head Curlipops Spiral Hair Curling Wand

This hair curling wand has a unique barrel designed to create shiny, beautiful curls. It has a high heat of up to 400 degrees F to quickly lock in the curl. The 1” curling iron also features Tourmaline Ceramic Technology to reduce frizz while still ensuring a massive shine. The tangle-free 6ft swivel cord helps you work conveniently while the bonus heat-protective glove ensures worry-free styling. If you are looking for the best hair curling wand that creates spiral curls, this unit delivers.

3. PARWIN PRO 5 in 1 Curling Iron Wand

You might want to check out this model if you are looking for the best curling wand on the market. This wand ranks as Amazon’s Choice and boasts numerous reviews online so you can rest assured that your money is in the right place. The plates of this wand are coated with Ceramic Tourmaline Technology to reduce frizz while ensuring a massive shine. There are 7 interchangeable barrels that help generate constant and even heat for shiny and long-lasting curls. The unit has a maximum temperature of 450 degrees F so you can choose the perfect temperature depending on your hair type. One reason people prefer this curling iron is that it is designed for all hair types. Whether you have long or short hair, you can use this hair curling wand to create amazing curly styles. There is also an LCD digital display that shows you whether it is on or off or the temperature you choose. Other features include a convenient +/- button that makes it easy to control the temperature and a 60-minute auto shut off feature to keep the curling wand safe when you leave it on.

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4. PARWIN PRO Hair Curling Wand

Features of this model make it the best curling wand within this price range. It stands out from the competition because while it is very affordable, it has special features you can only find in expensive hair curling irons. Whether you want loose or tight curls, this is the best curling iron to settle with. it heats up to 450 degrees F in less than 30 seconds so you don’t have to wait around. The wand comes with a heat protective glove and features a stay cool tip with an extra long swivel cord that does not tangle during use. The unit also has a temperature dial so you can quickly adjust the heat settings to the right temperature depending on your hair type. The Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Coating protects your hair while still allowing smooth operation without pulling the hair. The unit’s auto shut off feature should give you peace of mind when you accidentally leave it on after use.

5. AIBOSHUO Curling Iron

Another must-buy product is the AIBOSHUO Hair Curling Wand. The curling iron protects your hair from over-drying and ensures shiny results every time you use it. The infrared technology is included to help create shiny, soft and healthy hair by locking moisture and removing hair bacteria. This is the best hair curling wand to buy if you are tight on a budget. It sells at a pretty reasonable price but still comes packed with every feature that promises exceptional results on your hair. The ceramic barrel uses patented technology micro-sensors to help regulate the temperature and distribute heat evenly to give you smoother and healthier looking hair. This wand has adjustable digital temperature controls that allow you to adjust it to any level depending on your hair type. It heats up in less than 60 seconds for fast curling.


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