Top 5 best ballpoint pen brands in 2020 reviews

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If you have a lot of paperwork, the most basic essential are paper and pens. Whether drafting a manuscript, students and other office works, pens are crucial tools. There are many styles of pens available depending on your work. One of the most popular types is the ball pens. They are popular among students, offices and other places where writing is the order of the day. Unlike the ink pens, these operate by rolling ball on the tip that ensures continuous and smooth ink distribution. Also, they are a bit smoother compared to other types due to the roller.

With many types of ball pens, they are generally simple to buy. But you must consider the durability and ability to produce great handwriting. The size of the roller ball determines how large your writing will be. Some come with a fine tip, which generated extra small and elegant characters. To have excellent writing, you need these best ballpoint pens in 2019.

1. Best Overall: The Cross Century Classic

The Cross Century Classic takes the honor of being simply the best ballpoint pen out there for a few reasons. First, you can’t top its looks: It’s made of rolled gold and it’s 10- to 14-karat gold filled. You can choose the filling you prefer or get a chrome-accented model for under $25 if you don’t want to stretch your budget to the breaking point. Cross offers lifetime warranties on all its products.

Of course, appearance is nice, but how does the Century Classic handle? Superbly. The weight is perfect and doesn’t grow uncomfortable in your hand after long periods of writing. It retracts with one easy, fluid twist when you’re done, and it handles any kind of paper. There’s no grip, however, and the tip size is 0.7 mm.

2. Best Ink: Uni-Ball Jetstream Retractable

Uni-Ball has patented its “super” ink, which was initially developed as a fraud-buster due to its unique properties, and that’s what you get with this pen. It won’t fade and, best of all, it won’t smear if you spill a bit of your water on the page. It dries fast, so it won’t smear if you tend to be a top-speed scribbler. The ink is designed to stay put no matter how fast you write because it actually forms a bond with the paper.

The .7 mm width is the most popular version of this pen, but the Jetstream Retractable also comes in a 1 mm width if you’d like something more substantial. It’s nice looking, too, with stainless steel accents and an embossed grip.

3. Best Design: The Lamy 2000

The Lamy is made of fiberglass, so it’s designed to last pretty much forever. What’s more, it’s really attractive — so much so that it’s actually on display at the Museum of Modern Art and it’s won several awards for its design. You can probably expect a few oohs and ahs when you use it — or at least the standard question, “Where did you get that pen?”

The Lamy isn’t cheap, but it’s not the most expensive pen out there, either, and it’s worth the price tag even aside from its looks. It writes smoothly and efficiently. Of course, it does come with a giant free refill, which takes some of the sting out of the price tag.

4. Best for Work: The Waterman Expert Deluxe Obsession Ballpoint

You might choose this Waterman if your workdays tend to be stressful. The Expert Deluxe Obsession ballpoint is the trademark blue that the company, first launched in Nantes, France in 1883, is known for. The color is known to be soothing, so this pen might provide a nice, calming influence on your day no matter what challenges it hurls at you.

The ink is blue as well, and the flow is distinct, precise and professional. It’s somewhat cigar-shaped, which might seem to defy handleability, but it’s actually quite comfortable, particularly if you find yourself having to handwrite for extended periods of time. All Waterman pens are handmade. So go ahead and treat yourself. This pen is more expensive than others on this list, but it’s so much more than a writing instrument. Waterman says it’s your “partner.”

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4. Best for Durability: The Montblanc StarWalker

Montblanc is another well-known name in pens, and the StarWalker is designed to last just about forever, thus the hefty price tag. It’s Montblanc’s most expensive model — at least one version of the StarWalker runs into the $700 range — but some are much more economical than that. And you get what you pay for: long-term functionality and reliability, thanks to its black precious resin composition and ruthenium appointments and accents. There’s no cheap plastic to be found here.

At least one critic says Montblanc’s SkyWalker is the smoothest pen he’s ever used. It’s available in both fine- and medium-point and comes with the company’s signature Mystery Black Ink, although you can refill it with other inks if you choose. It’s available in six colors and the grip is a contoured barrel.


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