Best Office Chair Under $200 IN 2020 REVIEWS

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If you purchase a chair that doesn’t fit your body you could end up with pain from your feet to your neck and everywhere in between. And then if you overpay for the right office chair you could still end up with pain…albeit in your wallet. If your budget calls for you to find the best office chair under $200, you’re in luck, as the units found on our list will surprise you with their nice collection of features, supporting your lower back, positioning your hips correctly, and reducing pressure points throughout your body.

1. Lorell High Back Multi Task Chair

Versus other office chairs in its price range, the Lorell High Back Multi Task chair provides a good combination of comfort and support.

When shopping in the sub-$200 office chair price point, you’re going to find a lot of chairs with basic features. However, the Lorell High Back Multi Task chair provides some adjustable options to go with the basics, while still fitting in a desirable price point.

The seat height on the Lorell High Back Multi Task chair (model LLR81100) is adjustable between just under 19 inches and just over 22 inches, which is a nice feature in this price range. The back rest is separate from the seat cushion, allowing for an adjustment in height of up to 2 inches, and it has a lumbar support area. The back rest measures 23 inches in height, which is an advantage for better back support versus some other models in this price range. And the seat cushion is very thick versus other inexpensive office chairs.

One of its drawbacks is there’s no tilt for the chair, although you can angle the back rest. It is rated to a 225-pound capacity.

The Lorell model is available in gray, black, burgundy, and blue, all on top of a black-only frame. As the Lorell High Back Multi Task chair has a manufacturer’s price well above $200, you’ll need not look further than Amazon, who sells it for $179 with free 2-day shipping if you’re a Prime member.

2. Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Multifunction Chair

Compared to other inexpensive mesh chairs, the Alera Elusion provides plenty of adjustment options and good overall support.

The Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Multifunction chair provides good support in a chair with a mesh backing. You can adjust the tilt of the back rest relative to the seat, and it even offers a forward tilt. The seat height is adjustable between 18 and 22 inches, and the back rest measures about 20 inches in height. The Alera Elusion chair has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Not everyone likes mesh backed office chairs, as they don’t provide the complete back support of a foam back cushion. However, they do allow air to move through the back, providing more comfort to those who perspire during a long day of sitting against a thick back cushion. So you may want to test mesh backed models before you purchase one. And best of all, the Alera Elusion (model number ALEEL42ME10B) sells for just $157.99 at Amazon with free shipping.

3. AmazonBasics High Back Executive Chair

Considering its very low price, the AmazonBasics High Back Executive chair is a very comfortable model.

With so much padding, the AmazonBasics High Back Executive chair is a very comfortable model that would rank among the best office chair under $150 options too, because of its low price. It offers padding on the seat and on the back rest, as well as padding on the arm rests. The chair is available in black with silver arms and legs.

The AmazonBasics High Back Executive chair (model GF-80293H) offers a 250-pound capacity. You can adjust the overall height of the chair between about 41 and 45 inches. A handle allows you to lock in the angle of the chair back, or you can leave the lock disengaged for free tilting. Upon assembly, the entire unit is bolted together, meaning the arm rests cannot be adjusted or repositioned. The back rest measures about 24 inches in height for this model, which also made our best office chair 2019 list.



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