The Best Motorcycle Helmets in 2020 Review

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There’s nothing like riding a motorcycle–it’s incredibly thrilling, fun and just a little bit dangerous, which just adds to its appeal. Being on the road alone, completely in control of yourself and your vehicle makes you feel truly free, and dare we say it –even peaceful. These are rare feelings in today’s jittery world that expects you to do and say things that are pretty much always at the service of something or someone else. It’s no wonder driving a motorcycle feels like a drug – it’s so different from anything you normally experience, you just can’t get enough of it! But you know what’s not fun? Getting hurt – which is what will inevitably happen if you drive a motorbike without protective gear. A good motorcycle helmet while on the road is an absolute
must, as the gear not only protects you from serious head injuries but is required by law in most countries.
Unfortunately, finding the right motorcycle helmet can be a bit tricky as the market is flooded with countless options with different specs, styles and price tags. But that’s why we’re here – to help you find the best motorcycle helmet, we’ve read hundreds of motorcycle helmet reviews, did our research and then read some more. The result is this Top 10 list that we hope will help you find the right protective helmet – today.

ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet with Removable Winter Neck Scarf + 2 Visors DOT (L, Matte Black)

Customer Review: This helmet has some great features that you would pay a lot more to get with other helmets, or would usually have to add for yourself.
My favorite feature is the quick release buckle. It is a 5-click adjustable buckle that slides into the lock and releases with a gentle tug on the high-quality, thick webbing tab connected to the release side of the mechanism. This helmet also features 2 high quality visors – one clear and one tinted. These visors are easily interchanged as needed. The inside padding is your typical foam padding covered with a nice felt liner. It is very comfortable and the side pads can be removed for easy washing. There are chin vents and top-of-the-head vents for excellent flow-through ventilation. The neck guard that comes with the helmet is made of leather with a felt backing and a light amount of padding sewn inside. This makes the guard very comfortable and warm for riding. I was initially skeptical about what the quality of this neck guard would be, but I was pleasantly surprised. The neck guard has a full zipper attachment for secure to the helmet, yet easily removable for those like me who live in the south and do not really need it all year long.
Overall: A very good helmet with a lot of nice user features normally found on more expensive helmets – all for a great price. A well made product by ILM.

Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmets,FreedConn Flip up Dual Visors Full Face Helmet

Customer Review: Just got 2 of these helmets, one for my wife and one for myself. This is our first helmets with a intercom system, which we bought for our new/used Goldwing. We have not yet used these helmets on the open road at the time of this review because there is still snow on the ground up here in the great white north. 🙁

Right out of the box I was impressed! The helmets have a space age vibe that is really pleasing to the eyes. The high gloss black is so clean and shinny, what a great job they did. The clear visor is easy to open and close, while the sun visor is so awesome with its wrap around protection from the sun, which should work great on the road. The sun visor raises and closes with a side slide that works easily with a quick flip. I did play with the visor some and if the visor or modular unit is up, you can also easily push the visor up with your hand without resistance locking it in the up position.

The front face of the Modular helmet opens easily by pressing on the button located on the inside of the chin section of the helmet. The face of the helmet locks into the upright position which should work great when operation our bike with the helmet in the half shell position. The face can be lowered with little effort and locks in the closed position (although it does take a little effort to lock it closed).

The size of the helmet runs on size smaller than labeled. When at the motorcycle shop I took a Large and my wife a small when we tried the modular helmets there. Based on the size chart for these helmets, I took a XL and my wife a Med. When we put on the helmets they fix just right, and if you use the chin straps to pull the helmet open a little while putting it on you don’t even have to take your glasses off. I found this a plus, although my ears did fold a little, but that is not a problem. The view through the visor is nice and wide giving ample view of my surroundings.

Now for the Bluetooth system: The Bluetooth system is easy to charge with the cord supplied by just plugging it into your computer or a USB wall plug in (not provided). It was very easy to follow the directions to connect to both my phone and helmet to helmet. The sound from the speakers inside the helmet were very clear and nice, while the mic built into the left side of the helmet picked up my voice easily. Switching between the helmet to helmet com, music and voice phone isn’t hard, but will take some getting use to.

The ONLY negative thing I can find in the whole helmet is the “Ding” sound that comes through it when changing between the different com processes. It is loud,even with the volume turned down. I haven’t found a way to control it yet, and will continue to find an answer to this issue.

Triangle Full Face Dual Visor Matte Black Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet (Medium, Matte Red)

Customer Review: very nice helmet, at first i was worried it seem a little tight, but after a couple of usages it fits prefect. love the drop down visor very easy too use. the company was very concerned about how i like the helmet and if anything was wrong with it, that was very nice too see. at $45 how could you not like this helmet, very glad i didn’t buy one of those helmets for over $100. i would recommend this helmet to anyone

Motorcycle Motocross ATV Helmet DOT Approved

Customer review: I really like this helmet for a few reasons. First, it fits around my head snug without causing annoying pains around the jaw, neck, and ear areas. Second, the helmet is fairly lightweight but the build quality is superb. You can tell the manufacturer cares about quality control and safety of the user. I have worn this helmet on multiple long hour rides and have never had any problems with being uncomfortable. Highly recommended for people using recreational vehicles.



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