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The Best Motorcycle Helmets in 2020 Review



There’s nothing like riding a motorcycle–it’s incredibly thrilling, fun and just a little bit dangerous, which just adds to its appeal. Being on the road alone, completely in control of yourself and your vehicle makes you feel truly free, and dare we say it –even peaceful. These are rare feelings in today’s jittery world that expects you to do and say things that are pretty much always at the service of something or someone else. It’s no wonder driving a motorcycle feels like a drug – it’s so different from anything you normally experience, you just can’t get enough of it! But you know what’s not fun? Getting hurt – which is what will inevitably happen if you drive a motorbike without protective gear. A good motorcycle helmet while on the road is an absolute
must, as the gear not only protects you from serious head injuries but is required by law in most countries.
Unfortunately, finding the right motorcycle helmet can be a bit tricky as the market is flooded with countless options with different specs, styles and price tags. But that’s why we’re here – to help you find the best motorcycle helmet, we’ve read hundreds of motorcycle helmet reviews, did our research and then read some more. The result is this Top 10 list that we hope will help you find the right protective helmet – today.

ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet with Removable Winter Neck Scarf + 2 Visors DOT (L, Matte Black)

Customer Review: This helmet has some great features that you would pay a lot more to get with other helmets, or would usually have to add for yourself.
My favorite feature is the quick release buckle. It is a 5-click adjustable buckle that slides into the lock and releases with a gentle tug on the high-quality, thick webbing tab connected to the release side of the mechanism. This helmet also features 2 high quality visors – one clear and one tinted. These visors are easily interchanged as needed. The inside padding is your typical foam padding covered with a nice felt liner. It is very comfortable and the side pads can be removed for easy washing. There are chin vents and top-of-the-head vents for excellent flow-through ventilation. The neck guard that comes with the helmet is made of leather with a felt backing and a light amount of padding sewn inside. This makes the guard very comfortable and warm for riding. I was initially skeptical about what the quality of this neck guard would be, but I was pleasantly surprised. The neck guard has a full zipper attachment for secure to the helmet, yet easily removable for those like me who live in the south and do not really need it all year long.
Overall: A very good helmet with a lot of nice user features normally found on more expensive helmets – all for a great price. A well made product by ILM.

Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmets,FreedConn Flip up Dual Visors Full Face Helmet

Customer Review: Just got 2 of these helmets, one for my wife and one for myself. This is our first helmets with a intercom system, which we bought for our new/used Goldwing. We have not yet used these helmets on the open road at the time of this review because there is still snow on the ground up here in the great white north. 🙁

Right out of the box I was impressed! The helmets have a space age vibe that is really pleasing to the eyes. The high gloss black is so clean and shinny, what a great job they did. The clear visor is easy to open and close, while the sun visor is so awesome with its wrap around protection from the sun, which should work great on the road. The sun visor raises and closes with a side slide that works easily with a quick flip. I did play with the visor some and if the visor or modular unit is up, you can also easily push the visor up with your hand without resistance locking it in the up position.

The front face of the Modular helmet opens easily by pressing on the button located on the inside of the chin section of the helmet. The face of the helmet locks into the upright position which should work great when operation our bike with the helmet in the half shell position. The face can be lowered with little effort and locks in the closed position (although it does take a little effort to lock it closed).

The size of the helmet runs on size smaller than labeled. When at the motorcycle shop I took a Large and my wife a small when we tried the modular helmets there. Based on the size chart for these helmets, I took a XL and my wife a Med. When we put on the helmets they fix just right, and if you use the chin straps to pull the helmet open a little while putting it on you don’t even have to take your glasses off. I found this a plus, although my ears did fold a little, but that is not a problem. The view through the visor is nice and wide giving ample view of my surroundings.

Now for the Bluetooth system: The Bluetooth system is easy to charge with the cord supplied by just plugging it into your computer or a USB wall plug in (not provided). It was very easy to follow the directions to connect to both my phone and helmet to helmet. The sound from the speakers inside the helmet were very clear and nice, while the mic built into the left side of the helmet picked up my voice easily. Switching between the helmet to helmet com, music and voice phone isn’t hard, but will take some getting use to.


The ONLY negative thing I can find in the whole helmet is the “Ding” sound that comes through it when changing between the different com processes. It is loud,even with the volume turned down. I haven’t found a way to control it yet, and will continue to find an answer to this issue.

Triangle Full Face Dual Visor Matte Black Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet (Medium, Matte Red)

Customer Review: very nice helmet, at first i was worried it seem a little tight, but after a couple of usages it fits prefect. love the drop down visor very easy too use. the company was very concerned about how i like the helmet and if anything was wrong with it, that was very nice too see. at $45 how could you not like this helmet, very glad i didn’t buy one of those helmets for over $100. i would recommend this helmet to anyone

Motorcycle Motocross ATV Helmet DOT Approved

Customer review: I really like this helmet for a few reasons. First, it fits around my head snug without causing annoying pains around the jaw, neck, and ear areas. Second, the helmet is fairly lightweight but the build quality is superb. You can tell the manufacturer cares about quality control and safety of the user. I have worn this helmet on multiple long hour rides and have never had any problems with being uncomfortable. Highly recommended for people using recreational vehicles.


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Top 5 best massage guns in 2023 review



In today’s fast-paced world, we often experience stress and tension in our muscles due to our daily activities and routines. Massage guns have become a popular solution for people who want to relieve their muscle aches and soreness conveniently and effectively. With the advancement of technology, massage guns have been improved and enhanced to provide better massage experiences. In this article, we will review the top 5 best massage guns in 2023, taking into account their features, performance, and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re an athlete or someone who wants to unwind after a long day, our review will help you find the right massage gun for your needs.

1. Therabody Theragun PRO

1. Therabody Theragun PRO

The Theragun PRO is a powerful and advanced massage gun that provides deep tissue massage therapy. It comes with six interchangeable heads, making it versatile and able to target various muscle groups. It has an impressive battery life of up to 300 minutes, and it can deliver up to 60 lbs of force. The Theragun PRO is a bit on the pricey side, but it is worth the investment for its quality and performance.

2. Hyperice Hypervolt

Hyperice Hypervolt

The Hypervolt is a high-quality massage gun that is lightweight and easy to use. It features four interchangeable heads, making it ideal for targeting different muscle groups. It has a quiet motor and an impressive battery life of up to 180 minutes. The Hypervolt is also portable and comes with a carrying case, making it easy to take on the go.


3. Achedaway Pro

Achedaway Pro

The Achedaway Pro is a powerful and durable massage gun that provides deep tissue massage therapy. It comes with six interchangeable heads and has an impressive battery life of up to 300 minutes. The Achedaway Pro is also designed to be quieter than other massage guns, making it an ideal option for those who prefer a more peaceful massage experience.

4. VINMEN Massage Gun

4. VINMEN Massage Gun

The VINMEN WPL-888 mini massage gun has been upgraded for 2022, with a 30% reduction in volume and a 20% increase in power and performance. It now includes a force sensing function that adjusts the power output based on the amount of force applied during use. The speed has been optimized to six more comfortable gears, and it comes with eight commonly used massage heads. It is easy to operate with a small mechanical button and is suitable for fitness, home, leisure, travel, and gift-giving. The massage gun is durable and offers excellent value for money. The company provides a 1-year warranty and 24-hour consulting services.

5. Renpho R4 Pro

5. Renpho R4 Pro

The Renpho R4 Pro is a versatile and affordable massage gun that provides deep tissue massage therapy. It features five interchangeable heads and has a battery life of up to 320 minutes. The Renpho R4 Pro is also lightweight and portable, making it an ideal option for those who need a massage on the go.

In conclusion, massage guns have become a popular tool for people to use at home to help alleviate muscle tension and soreness. The Therabody Theragun PRO, Hyperice Hypervolt, Achedaway Pro, VINMEN Massage Gun, and Renpho R4 Pro are the top 5 best massage guns in 2023. Each massage gun has its unique features and benefits, making it essential to choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

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The 5 Best Blind Spot Mirrors and Why You Need Them



You don’t have to be an auto expert to notice that most factory side mirrors have blind spots. Every year, approximately 840,000 blind spot-related accidents occur, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Blind spot detection is now available as a safety feature in some modern vehicles, typically as a light that illuminates on the side mirror if an object is in your blind spot. However, if your vehicle does not have blind spot detection, you may be looking for a way to see what’s in your blind spot while driving.

Blind spot mirrors are a low-cost way to improve driver safety by allowing you to see what’s in your blind spot without turning your head. These small mirrors are especially useful when driving in urban areas, where you might miss a pedestrian or cyclist in your blind spot.

The most common type of blind spot mirror is a stick-on type that you attach to your existing side mirrors to give you a better view of your car’s side and rear. While some vehicles have blind spot mirrors built into the factory side mirrors, most do not. Fortunately, you can get a pair for about the price of lunch, which will improve your safety as well as the safety of those around you.

1. Editor’s Pick: Ampper 2-inch Round/Square Blind Spot Mirrors

Ampper, one of Amazon’s best-selling products, sells round and square blind spot mirrors in packs of two or four. The round mirrors have a two-inch diameter and a curved, frameless, ultra-thin design. They can rotate 360 degrees and sway, and come with a tiny adjustable swivel mounting bracket and 3M adhesive for simple installation. The square mirrors are 3.7 inches by 1.37 inches in size. These mirrors are IP65 waterproof, rust resistant, and the glass will not haze, according to Amperr.

2. Fit System Adjustable Blind Spot Mirrors

The Fit System adjustable blind spot mirrors are one of the most affordable options on our list. However, their cost comes at a cost because they use plastic instead of glass, which isn’t as clear.

They are adjustable and provide a wide angle view, measuring two inches in diameter. They are, however, housed in a thick plastic frame, which limits adjustability and takes up a bit more space on small side mirrors. The plastic may also degrade over time, depending on the weather where you live. There is a small square adhesive on the back of these mirrors for easy installation, though some users report that it isn’t very strong. However, for the majority of car owners, these blind spot mirrors will do the job at a very low cost.


3. Utopicar Long Design Blind Spot Mirrors

This Utopicar blind spot mirror has a longer design for a wider field of view – just make sure it doesn’t take up too much space on your side mirror. These mirrors measure 5.25 inches by 1.25 inches and are slightly more expensive than other round mirrors with a diameter of two inches. They’re adjustable and come with 3M adhesive for easy installation. Mirrors with this design provide a better view of the vehicle’s sides, but they aren’t as good for parking as round mirrors. The Utopicar blind spot mirrors have a one-year warranty.

4. Essential Contraptions 4-Pack Blind Spot Mirrors

The blind spot mirrors from Essential Contraptions come in a four-pack and have a rust-resistant aluminum frame instead of plastic, as well as real glass that does not haze over time. They are two inches in diameter and come with a circular piece of adhesive for easy installation.

Because these mirrors are not adjustable, you must ensure that the field of view is sufficient for your mirrors. When it comes to blind spot mirrors, they’re about as simple as it gets. Their price per mirror is low, but because they are sold in a four pack, the overall price is higher than the other options on the list.


Some users complain that the mirrors are too small for their needs, and the lack of adjustability limits visibility of the blind spot.

5. Utopicar Semi-Oval Blind Spot Mirrors

Semi-oval blind spot mirrors measuring 2.6 inches by 1.8 inches are also available from Utopicar. These are fully adjustable mirrors with 3M outdoor adhesive on the back that can be installed. To be able to adjust the mirrors, simply stick the blind spot mirror to the plastic bases before installing the side mirror. If you want a permanent installation, simply stick the mirrors onto the car’s side mirror.

According to Utopicar, the semi-oval design is less convex, providing a larger image of what’s behind and to the side of the vehicle. The elongated style emphasizes what is in the near lane rather than the sky or sun.

These mirrors have a frameless design and mirrors with a high reflective silver film. They also include a one-year warranty.

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In the modern world, car backseat organizers are a must-have for anyone who has to share their car with their children. Especially for those parents that have more than one child. These organizers help them to keep the area tidy and free of clutter.

Below, we have compiled a list of the top 5 best car backseat organizer in 2022. We created this list by looking at user reviews and ratings on, which is a website where people can find many different types of products from sellers all over the world.

In order to make our list as accurate as possible, we looked at ratings from verified purchasers only and excluded any vendor who may be trying to skew things in favor of their product.

1. H Helteko Backseat Car Organizer, Kick Mats Back Seat Protector with Touch Screen Tablet Holder, Car Back Seat Organizer for Kids

H Helteko Car Product Solutions is the car accessories company that has developed car backseat organizers that are not just stylish, but also practical for your family’s needs. Our kick mats are durable, long-lasting, and also easy to clean. Unlike other backseat organizers, ours have storage pockets so you can store all your child’s toys.

Back in the day, parents used to be in the car with their children and could keep them in check. But in today’s fast-paced world of long commutes and solo parenting, that’s no longer reality. This problem can be solved by H Helteko Backseat Car Organizer. This back seat protector will keep your car seats clean by preventing unwanted dirt and shoe marks while your child is in the back.


2. Tsumbay Car Backseat Organizer with Tablet Holder,9 Storage Pockets PU Leather Car Storage Organizer with Foldable Table

Organize your car in style with our tsumbay car backseat organizer. This multi-functional product is perfect for use by parents, travelers, or anyone who has a need to keep things organized in their vehicle. The tsumbay includes 9 storage pockets, a tablet holder, kick mats, and more. With this combo of multipurpose storage and protection, you’ll be prepared for anything on the road.

Your kids get tired of the car seat and would love it if you get them a seat back organizer. Tsumbay’s car seat back organizer is perfect for any car seat and will keep your passengers entertained while you drive. The unit includes foldable table tray and 9 pockets, providing passengers with fun activities and storage space for essentials.


3. Reserwa Car Backseat Organizer x2 Kick Mats BackSeat Storage Bag with Clear Screen

This car backseat organizer is an all-in-one car seat protector and car accessory to keep kids and adults happy and entertained on the go! Our backseat organizer keeps things tidy and organized with our 9 pockets and tablet holder, and has a universal design that fits most vehicles! It’s the perfect gift for any parent or grandparent who can use a little help keeping things in order.

4. ONE PIX Backseat Car Organizer Mats Backseat Storage Bag with Tablet Holder for Kids Toddlers, Travel Accessories (1PC)

Car backseat organizer! Keep your backseat mess free with this strong and resilient storage bag. This car seat mat is designed to keep the car neat and tidy.

The ONE PIX Backseat Car Organizer is a must-have for parents and travelers! Equipped with a tablet holder, it’s the perfect solution for keeping kids entertained in the backseat. The 360° view makes it easy to see what’s on your tablet and to take in the scenery. Fits most car seats, including infant seats and boosters.

5. ULEEKA Car Backseat Organizer with 10″ Table Holder, 9 Storage Pockets Seat Back Protectors Kick Mats for Kids Toddlers

ULEEKA’s car backseat organizer with 10″ table holder is the perfect gift for parents. The heavy-duty design keeps kids safe while driving, with kick mats that protect against spills and protect the backseat from crumbs. This two pack has 9 storage pockets to fit everything kids need for entertainment on-the-go, including coloring books, markers and crayons. This table is a great way to keep little ones.

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