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The best wireless gaming mouse isn’t about making trade-offs. A great wireless mouse today isn’t slower or heavier, or even affected by lag or interference. It won’t have any issues with wireless signals from your phone or router. These days, wireless gaming mice perform so well that you won’t even be able to tell a difference between wireless and wired. But you will feel the freedom when you swipe your mouse across your mousepad with no cable weighing you down or tangling you up.

Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse with POWERPLAY Wireless Charging Compatibility

The Logitech G903 Lightspeed tries to do everything, and actually manages to pull it off. It’s a wonderfully sculpted ambidextrous design that fits my hand as comfortably as any right-handed mouse, but can also accommodate lefties and has removable thumb buttons for either configuration. It has a brand new click mechanism that feels and sounds better than any other mouse click I’ve used. It has a metal scroll wheel that can click side-to-side and spin freely for 15 seconds, though I prefer putting it in notched mode for switching weapons in shooters. It uses the same extremely accurate 12,000 DPI sensor Logitech’s been using for a few years now.

Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse, Black

The Logitech G903 above has a peerless design, but it isn’t affordable for everyone. With the newer G305, Logitech tried to make a high performance wireless gaming mouse for everyone. At a midrange price, it’s competing directly against some great wired mice, but there are no real compromises here in terms of performance or design. The G305 uses Logitech’s newest Hero sensor, an iteration on the fantastic performing sensor in the G903. It can last more than 200 hours on a single AA battery (which helps keep cost down vs. being rechargeable). The small wireless dongle can be stored inside the body of the mouse, but critically, the left- and right-click buttons are separate pieces from the removable palmrest, ensuring a reliable and satisfying click.

E-Blue Mazer 2500 DPI Wireless Gaming Mouse (EMS152BK)

It’s amazing what twenty dollars can get you. Budget gaming brand E-Blue makes a variety of wired and wireless gaming mice, and the Mazer II is a decent wireless mouse for about 20 bucks. Still, I wouldn’t recommend anyone in the market for a mouse go this cheap: you’ll get a much better sensor with a wired mouse for just a bit more money, and much better performance, battery life, and software with a high-end wireless mouse like the Logitech G903. But if you’re dead set on wireless and only have a few dollars to spend, the Mazer II is a good choice.

The Mazer II has four DPI options, from 500 to 2500, and a comfortable enough left-hand grip (even if the materials are on the cheaper side). Don’t expect any driver software with the Mazer II, or the kind of performance you can get out of typical gaming mice, which have polling rates of 1000 Hz, meaning they communicate with your PC every millisecond. The Mazer II only offers a 250 Hz polling rate. Now, will you ever notice that difference? That depends on how sensitive you are to the responsiveness of your mouse cursor. For most people, those few milliseconds won’t offer a noticeable delay.


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